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New Master’s degree programme: Management, Economics, and Data Science

Digitalisation is revolutionising every aspect of economics. Thanks to this transformation, companies can use innovative tools to generate data volumes in the googol byte range. They need state-of-the-art management science methods to ensure that insights potentially contained in the data can be used in a meaningful and purposeful way to achieve success. Experts specialising in this cross-sectional subject – which cuts across all areas of data science and economics – will receive academic training at the University of Klagenfurt from the winter semester of 2023/24.

Economic success, the realisation of environmental goals, our coexistence in society: To a large extent, all of this is based on the professional management of data in our day and age. The research projects being undertaken by scholars teaching in the new degree programme illustrate the vast range of application areas: Researchers calculate and analyse important economic relationships. For instance, they strive to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of monetary policy on the demand for money in order to better manage economic crises. They collaborate on the concept of the sharing economy, which has the potential to change the transport and logistics industry for good, but also on issues of health economics, such as the impact of parenthood on health and mortality.

Students in the new Master’s degree programme have the choice of two majors: ‘Business Analytics’ and ‘International Business & Economics’. The major in ‘Business Analytics’ addresses the challenge of digitalisation and integrates the (machine) processing and analysis of business and process data with the economic consideration of this data and subsequent decision-making.  Graduates completing the major ‘International Business and Economics’ are equipped above all with quantitative-analytical skills relating to the intersection of management science, economics and business studies, as well as environmental economics and sustainability.

Registration for the special admission procedure for the new English-language Master’s degree programme “Management, Economics, and Data Science” started a few weeks ago. “We are seeing a large influx of prospective students from all over the world who are applying to study in Klagenfurt after having obtained very diverse and consistently excellent Bachelor’s degrees,” says Programme Director Paul Schweinzer (Department of Economics). These prospective students are finding the doors wide open: The programme is open to all Bachelor’s graduates with a similar subject background who have earned at least 30 ECTS credits in business administration and 15 ECTS credits in mathematics/statistics. In addition, students must usually pass a GRE test and demonstrate proficiency in English. Prospective students can register for the special admission procedure at until 15 July.