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Welcome at the University of Klagenfurt!

The University of Klagenfurt’s objective is to help its researchers gain visibility and recognition for their research worldwide. To achieve this aim, researchers at the university, particularly young researchers, should receive the support and assistance that enables them to conduct impactful, world-leading research and compete successfully at a global level for research positions and funding, which in turn leads to the acquisition of new knowledge and solutions to the problems of the modern age. As a researcher at at the University of Klagenfurt, you can therefore expect exceptional research facilities that assist you in your work.

Research funding

A range of internal funding opportunities are available through the University of Klagenfurt’s Research Council. The Research Support Service also offers support to researchers applying for funds from highly competitive national and international research funding programmes.

Young researchers

At the University of Klagenfurt, young researchers should be able to work in conditions conducive to their research, work and personal development. They shouldn’t have to pay a fee for services, nor write their dissertations on their own and in an empty room without the guidance of a supervisor who’s an expert on their subject. To ensure that none of this happens, the University of Klagenfurt has introduced a range of measures including a continuing education programme and mobility funding aimed specifically at young researchers. The university has also set up a think tank to ensure that the views of young researchers are continuously fed back to management.

Open Access

The University of Klagenfurt has adopted its own Open Access Policy, which adheres to guidelines given in the Berlin Declaration on Open Access. General advice and advice on technical and financial matters relating to Open Access is provided by the Research Support Service.

Good academic practice

The University of Klagenfurt has put in place a number of measures to ensure that principles of good academic practice are adhered to. One of these measures was the creation of an Ombudsman for Good Academic Practice.

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The Welcome Service will be happy to provide you with all the knowledge you might find helpful when navigating your way around campus and for life in the university city of Klagenfurt.

The Research Support Service

The Research Support Service provides you with support on making an application for third-party research funding. It offers guidance on technology transfer, from registration to the exploitation of an invention, as well as more general support on all aspects of research funding. The Research Support Service also offers advice on legal matters relating to research projects, the use of research findings and international cooperation projects.