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A wide range of programmes and courses, a modern infrastructure & welcoming atmosphere are all factors that make the University of Klagenfurt such a great place to study.

Programmes offered

At the University of Klagenfurt, you can choose from a varied range of programmes spanning business, technology, languages, culture and sustainability. Here you will find a summary of each of our 20 Bachelor’s degree programmes, 29 Master’s degree programmes, 14 teacher training programmes and 5 Doctoral programmes.

Are you interested in language, cultural and social science topics? You want to deal with cultures, languages & communication? Or do you deal with pedagogical, philosophical, psychological employees? Get to know the range of courses on offer at the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultural Sciences!

Interested in business programmes such as Business Administration, Business & Law, Geography, Industrial Engineering or Information Management? Find out all about AAU business programmes by clicking the link below!

Would you like to work in a technological field such as informatics, mathematics, information & communication technologies, robotics or information management? If so, you can find out more about AAU technology programmes here.

Do you want to become a teacher for secondary general education (school types NMS, AHS, BMHS (Polytechnic School, BS, HAK, HASCH, HTL, HLW, …) and teach future generations? Find out here which subjects are offered at the University of Klagenfurt!

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We are here for you!

Are you thinking about which degree programme is right for you or do you simply have general questions about studying? We will be happy to advise you individually and help you with your decision. Contact us by e-mail studieninfo [at] aau [dot] at, phone +4346327009325 or via Facebook and Instagram. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Service und Advice

Whether you’re a future student or a current student, below you will find a list of the most important contacts at the University of Klagenfurt.

  • Student Guidance Service

    The Student Advisory Service is the first point of contact for all those who want to find out about the content and structure of their studies. If you would like advice on individual studies or would like to know more about Klagenfurt University, please contact us.

    Phone: +43 463 2700 9325
    e-mail: studieninfo [at] aau [dot] at

  • Study representation of the ÖH

    The Austrian National Students’ Union (ÖH) is the legal representative body of all students. The Student Representation (StV) of your study programme is your first point of contact for questions and problems concerning your studies. The StV can also help you with questions concerning the organisation of your studies, such as the preparation of an individual timetable.

    Phone: +43 463 2700 8800
    e-mail: servicecenter [at] oeh-klagenfurt [dot] at

  • Admissions and Examinations Office

    If you want to enrol for a degree programme, have questions about examination recognition or the examination system, the Admissions Office is there for you. They can help with questions about the examination book and are the central point of contact for students from enrolment to graduation.

    Phone: +43 463 2700 9111
    e-mail: studienabteilung [at] aau [dot] at






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Be First! Mentoring

Be First! is our mentoring programme for young people who are thinking about taking up a degree. Trained mentors, who are themselves currently enrolled in a degree programme at the University of  Klagenfurt, encourage young people, who are the first in their family to consider attending university. They provide tips and advice during the last year of school, share their personal experiences of student life, offer guidance when it comes to choosing the right degree programme, and accompany freshers as they enter university and throughout the first year. We want to ensure that you are ready to plan your future even before you finish school!

Want to know more? Get in touch at beFirst [at] aau [dot] at !

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Online Info Sessions

Take the opportunity to inform yourself at the online info sessions!

In short sessions (starting again in November 2022), our student advisors will introduce you to all Bachelor’s degree programmes and provide you with the most important information about studying at the University of Klagenfurt.

Tag der Offenen Tür 2023 | Foto: aau/Christina Supanz

Open Day

Our next Open Day will take place in Spring 2024!

School finished – now what? The Open Day at the University of Klagenfurt offers orientation and information on study programmes and training options to all interested parties. There are opportunities to attend workshops and short lectures, take part in campus and library tours and find out about the range of courses offered at the University of Klagenfurt in a personal conversation.

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Bachelor Online Infoweek

Join our next Bachelor Online Infoweek in January 2024!

In short presentations you will have the opportunity to get to know all 20 Bachelor’s degree programmes and receive important information about the study and scholarship programmes at Klagenfurt University.

The Infoweek takes place as an online event. Each day there are several live sessions in which the individual Bachelor’s programmes are presented via video. Afterwards, there is always the opportunity to ask concrete questions or to get advice in the live chat.

Studieren an der AAU

Master Online Infoweek

Join our next Master Online Infoweek in January 2024!

In short presentations you will have the opportunity to get to know all 28 Master’s programmes and receive important information about the study and scholarship programmes at Klagenfurt University.

The Infoweek takes place as an online event. Each day there are several live sessions in which the individual Master’s programmes are presented via video. Afterwards, there is always the opportunity to ask concrete questions or to get advice in the live chat.

You want to network with students? The official Facebook group of the University of Klagenfurt has several thousand members.

Taster Lecture

Do you want to know what lectures are like?

In this section you will find a selection of so-called taster lectures. These are short lectures designed to give prospective students an impression of what “real” courses at a university are like.

The entire playlist of the taster lectures is available on YouTube-channel of the University of Klagenfurt.

Why study at the University of Klagenfurt?

  • Personal and individual

    No overcrowded lecture halls, the personal interaction of teachers and students, and an atmosphere based on partnership – all these combine to provide ideal conditions for studying!

  • Broad range of degree programmes

    Four faculties offer degree programmes covering the four areas of business and economics, culture, languages, and technical sciences.

  • International networks

    The university maintains cooperation agreements with a large number of leading corporations and universities across the globe, paving the way to exciting internships and periods of study abroad!

  • A convenient size

    No long distances to cover: courses, residential buildings, sports facilities and, last but not least, Lake Wörthersee, all lie close together in Klagenfurt.

  • Interdisciplinary and practice-oriented

    Interdisciplinarity as a key feature of the AAU leads to interesting cross-faculty choices and combination options. This modern and practice-oriented approach ensures excellent career prospects!

  • Attractive and modern site

    The AAU is the most attractive campus university in Austria. With a charming campus in leafy surroundings and modern infrastructure, it is possible to blend studying and leisure in a single location.

  • Quality of life

    Klagenfurt, home to around 100,000 inhabitants, is a modern city with a high quality of living and with a Mediterranean flair. The campus is situated very close to a number of winter sports resorts, lakes, and the Adriatic.

The campus & local area

The University of  Klagenfurt is located in western Klagenfurt, close to Lake Wörthersee and is one of the few campus universities in Austria. The campus  covers a total area of around 100,254 m². The campus is also home to the University Sports Institute (USI), the most modern institute of its kind in Austria. The University of  Klagenfurt campus is surrounded by a wide range of accommodation and eating options, which makes it the perfect place to learn, relax and unwind!

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Studierende gehen über den Campus zum Haupteingang der Universität KlagenfurtDaniel Waschnig
Wörthersee mit Blick auf das Schamandra
Kärntner Kasnudeln auf einem Teller, im Hintergrund eine Schüssel mit Salat.Romy Müller
Studierende auf dem Vorplatz der Universität KlagenfurtDaniel Waschnig
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KäsnudelFoto: aau/Müller
Nachhaltig gut essen bei Kleeblatt, Trivida und Suppenglück
Stadttheater Klagenfurt©Helge Bauer
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Frühstücken in Klagenfurt
Wohnen in Klagenfurtaau/Müller
Kalter Winteraau/Müller
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CaorleFoto: KK
Gratis Sportangebot in Klagenfurt
Beachbar Wörthersee
Eis am SeePixabay

Discover the city of Klagenfurt

Charming and full of unexpected delights: Klagenfurt is diverse, vibrant, and a great place to live, offering plenty of variety and many surprises for visitors and explorers alike. As life gradually returns to campus, find out more about Klagenfurt and the Federal Province of Carinthia and gather some useful tips for getting the most from your student life at our “Discover Klagenfurt blog“.

Participation at educational fairs

The University of Klagenfurt is represented at numerous trade fairs, where you can obtain information about courses and services related to studying.

In the academic year 2021/22, you can visit us at our booth at the following fairs in Austria and internationally:






3 – 6 March 2022 BeSt Messe, Vienna Vienna on site Fair website
6 May 2022 Master and More, Nuremberg Nuremberg on site Fair website
13 – 15 October 2022 BeSt Messe, Klagenfurt Klagenfurt on site Fair website
9 November 2022 Master and More, Graz Graz on site Fair website
11 – 12 November 2022 Master/Bachelor and More, Vienna Vienna on site Fair website
20 – 21 January 2023 Master/Bachelor and More, Munich Munich on site Fair website

You have decided to study in Klagenfurt?

Check out our new starters checklist!


Personal consultation

Do you have questions about your studies or a field of study? Do you have questions about our offer or would you simply like to have a personal conversation with us? Send us a short message and we will be happy to get back to you!

For questions that are better answered by phone, please call +43 463 2700 9325, but you can also contact us by e-mail. The best way to do this is to fill out the contact form.

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We are here for you!

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