5 reasons to choose a technical degree (and you don’t have to be technical to get started)

There are countless unresolved questions that may plague you in your last year of school or once you have completed secondary school: “What should I study? Where should I study?”, and so on. Did you know that the University of Klagenfurt offers state-of-the-art, innovative and future-oriented degree programmes in the field of technical sciences? So, how about pursuing a degree in technology!? You could, for instance, start with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Informatics, Information and Communications Engineering, Technical Mathematics or Management Information Systems.  To help you choose the right degree programme, we have compiled a list of 5 good reasons why a technology degree programme may be the right choice for you after all.

1: Anyone can cope with a degree in technology

Worried that a technical degree sounds much too difficult for you? You think a degree in engineering is just for boys? No, not at all! Absolutely anyone can take up a degree in the technical sciences. All that matters is that you are genuinely interested in the subject.

A few facts to start with:

  • Students at a Höhere Technische Lehranstalt (Higher Technical Institute or HTL) can transfer credits for courses even before they begin their studies. This will help you progress through your degree more quickly! More information
  • Here in Klagenfurt, anyone with a higher education entrance qualification can take up a degree in computer science! There are no admission procedures.
  • More than half of our first-year technical sciences students hail from schools without a technical specialisation (such as AHS, BHS, HBLA, HAK, etc.).
  • Half of the students enrolled in Technical Mathematics are female. The number of female students in the other technical fields of study is also increasing steadily.

To make the entry into studying as easy as possible for all newcomers, we have a wide range of additional programmes on offer:

Welcome Days:
The Welcome Days always take place at the beginning of each semester and provide you with valuable information on all aspects of entering the student life. Brief presentations will introduce you to the University of Klagenfurt and our various student services and will provide you with important information about all of our degree programmes. You will receive individual information about your chosen degree programme, as well as general information to simplify your life as a student.

Mentoring Programme:
The mentoring programme is designed to make it easier for first-year students to start studying. Students are accompanied by mentors in small groups during their first semester. The mentors advise and help to overcome organizational hurdles and orientation difficulties.

Technology preparation courses:
Are you already fit in computer science and / or mathematics? If not, then refresh your knowledge and attend a preparation course with other first-year students. The course will be credited to your studies.

FUNctions room – math help desk:
Each week during the semester, students have several time slots open to them in which they can prepare the lecture material and exercises of the mathematics courses and mathematics lectures; either alone, together with other students or accompanied by student assistants. More information

2: Excellent teaching and exceptional student-supervisor relationships

You’ re not just a number to us! From the very beginning, our students are given excellent support by our professors and members of the academic staff and they are guided continuously throughout their studies. Our professors and members of the academic staff work closely with our students in small groups. In addition, student staff and tutors are available to support our students on a regular basis. Here you can study interactively and there are no undue waiting times before you can get into a course.

3: High practical relevance and cutting-edge research

Here you can learn from internationally renowned scientists who share their latest knowledge at the cutting edge of technology. Our lecturers draw on a wealth of experience from working in the industry. You can also get involved in projects at an early stage. In addition, a practical semester is an integral part of the curriculum in almost all degree programmes. You can gather practical experience here early on and build up valuable contacts for the future.

4: Exciting research topics and collaborations with renowned companies

We cooperate with national and international companies and have highly topical research priorities. Here are a few examples:

Information Technology:

  • Europe’s largest drone flight hall is located on our campus. Read the article here
  • Tested under conditions similar to Mars: Drone navigation algorithm. Together with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, we co-developed part of the drone that is currently on its way to Mars. Read the article here
  • New tools for swarms of machines: How can robots deployed in a warehouse shift crates from A to B – without getting in each other’s way? Our information engineers are currently working on this puzzle. Read the article here

Technical Mathematics:

  • Supporting the security of supply of essential goods: In order to avoid shortfalls in the supply of, for example, important components from China, delays in cross-border goods traffic, import restrictions or staff absences due to illness, our mathematicians have developed an algorithm that supports the security of supply in the case of essential goods. Read the article (in German)
  • The optimal route is the goal: How supermarkets calculate optimal delivery schedules? In the case of a well-known English supermarket chain, up to 200 vehicles form a fleet that delivers to around 3,500 customers per day in a particular district of London. Our mathematicians have developed an algorithm to optimise the delivery schedules. Read the article (in German)

Applied Informatics/Management Information Systems:

  • Research into COVID-19 related crisis scenarios: Our computer scientists have developed a new technology to optimise the supply of medical protective equipment. Read the article here
  • Simulating cyber-physical threats to the City of Vienna: Our computer scientists are simulating the dynamics of cyber attacks on public sector infrastructure in order to better guard against hacker attacks in the future. Read the article here
  • 5G Playground Carinthia: A1 Telekom Edge Cloud facilitates the first 360° video transmission via 5G. Our computer scientists have used this new technology for a premiere: We have transmitted the first 360° video using 5G. Read the article (in German)

5: Top career opportunities and a first-rate income after graduation

Once you’ve graduated, the world is your oyster! You will have excellent career opportunities after graduation. Even while you are studying, you can forge contacts with future employers and then start working in a national or international company after graduation. Make the most of a large network of employers! If you need support, our Career Service will be happy to help you whenever they can.