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The Alumni Network and Career Services serve as a vital interface between studying and the world of work for students, graduates and companies.

Alumni Network

The Alumni Network offers graduates of the University of Klagenfurt a varied and extensive range of continuing education programmes and events, as well as attractive benefits and discounts. The Alumni Newsletter is published four times a year and provides information on the latest news and interesting facts about the campus.

Every year, some 900 students graduate from the University of Klagenfurt, and the university is delighted to remain in a constructive and valuable dialogue with them after graduation. The Alumni Network at the University of Klagenfurt accordingly sees itself as a platform for maintaining global and long-lasting ties and providing personal and professional support and a network for students, graduates and the university public. To make sure you don’t miss any job offers, application tips or research highlights, subscribe to our jobletter and research newsletter. The university looks forward to keeping in touch with you!

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Career Services

Our experts at Career Services advise and inform students and graduates on questions relating to the world of work and career topics. In their role as the university’s interface to the business community, Career Services can offer companies access to highly qualified potential employees and junior staff.

Job exchange & jobletter at the University of Klagenfurt

The latest job offers and internships as well as company profiles for unsolicited applications. Our cooperation partner derStandard.at provides additional job offers in line with the degree programmes offered at the University of Klagenfurt.

Weekly jobletter: The latest vacancies and information about the world of work delivered to your mailbox free of charge!

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   Our services for students and graduates

interactive | Foto: aau/photo riccio

Interactive! Career Programme

The university has established the interactive! career programme to allow top students and young scientists in Carinthia to forge valuable connections with potential employers and to boost the Carinthian labour market.

interactive! hosts a range of exclusive workshops and training events and develops contacts with employers in the region.

Klagenfurt-Stipendium Kick-Off des Jahrgangs 2023-2025

Klagenfurt Scholarship

The Klagenfurt Scholarship provides 300 Euros a month to support outstanding Master’s students whose excellent progress so far promises further top achievements, both in their studies and in their professional careers. Through joint sponsorship by the City of Klagenfurt and top companies from Carinthia, students can develop a broad network, even while they are still studying.

Application deadline: May 30

Internationales Karriere-Programm | Foto: aau/Daniel Waschnig

Career programme for international students

Are you an international student looking for job opportunities in Carinthia? Then the career programme in English is the right thing for you!
4 Modules, 2:30 pm-5:30 pm, from 17 April 2024.

Participation is free of charge, registration: karriere [at] aau [dot] at.

Job shadowing gives students the opportunity to spend a day looking over the shoulder of a professional (primarily university graduates), thus gaining insights into interesting professional fields and developing valuable contacts. Companies benefit from job shadowing as a great way to get to know students and young professionals.

Start-Event: 12 March | 3 pm | Z.1.08

Each year, the University of Klagenfurt organises the most high-profile job & career fair in southern Austria. The participating companies and organisations offer students, graduates, school leavers and job seekers very comprehensive information about career and further education opportunities.

05 November 2024 | 9 am – 3 pm | University of Klagenfurt

The internship event NEXT connects students with Carinthian SMEs who are on the lookout for interns. The companies introduce themselves and describe their internships in 3-minute presentations. This is followed by 3-minute discussion sessions to exchange ideas and get to know each other.

10 April | 3 pm | Z.1.29

As part of the panel discussion series KARRIEREWEGE, graduates of the University of Klagenfurt talk about their university studies, starting their careers and their professional achievements in a relaxed atmosphere. After the panel discussion, students and recent graduates can ask questions and forge important contacts at a get-together that concludes the event.

KARRIEREWEGE: Your career in artificial intelligence
12 June | 5 pm | Lecture Hall 1 

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Graduate portraits

Mohamed Salem | (c) kkMohamed Salem | (c) kk
Portraitfoto von Markus Hornböck
Portraitfoto von Manuel Krebs

“The good image of the University of Klagenfurt really impressed me.”

Our graduate Manuel Krebs studied Applied Business Administration…
Elena Smirnova | PortraitfotoCopyright Foto Schuster

Elena Smirnova: „Seeing the world from new angles.“

Our graduate Elena Smirnova completed the Master's degree programme…

Continuing education programme for alumni

The University of Klagenfurt accompanies people who want to learn: throughout their entire lives. With currently around 17 university courses, it is one of the large academic continuing education institutions in Austria. Top courses in the field of leadership skills and organizational development are combined in the university center “School of Management, Organizational Development & Technology (M/O/T)”.

In addition, various microcredentials courses are offered, enabling lifelong learning at an academic level. The range of courses is continuously being expanded and adapted to the needs of those seeking further education and the labor market. MC courses are content-focused programs that teach specific skills at a high level of quality.

Graduate tracking (ATRACK)

What career opportunities are available with a degree from the University of Klagenfurt? How long do graduates spend looking for a job, which sectors do they work in, and how much do they earn? Graduate tracking (ATRACK) provides insights into the career entry and employment trajectories of our graduates.

Graduation Package

As a graduate you will receive a small welcome gift on the day of your Academic Ceremony to welcome you to the Alumni Network of Klagenfurt University. The Graduation Package is filled with gifts that will remind you of Klagenfurt University in the future.

Career guidance

The team of Career Services at the University of Klagenfurt offers students and graduates helpful information and comprehensive advice on the following topics:

  • job hunting
  • application documents
  • job interview
  • assessment centre
  • tests during the application process

Career workshops

Holzwürfel mit den Buchstaben JOBS

Submitting a successful speculative application


Compelling self-presentations


My personal strengths profile

Frau arbeitet am Laptop

Creating perfect application documents


Preparing for the job interview

Starting in the summer semester 2023, we will offer the course 000.011. “Erfolgreich bewerben” (in German).This means that students can also attend the career workshops as a bundled course.

The workshops will be held twice a semester.

Latest tip


Is there any point in repeating the wording of the covering letter in the e-mail?

There’s no need for that. It is best to write two or three sentences in which you refer to the new job, the new company and/or a preliminary discussion. This seems more personal than the sentence “Dear Ms/Mr x, please find enclosed my application documents as a PDF file. Yours sincerely, yz”.

If you have a particular question that has not yet been asked, please feel free to ask us now. We’ll be happy to respond!

Tips for applicants

In our tips for applicants we have compiled a list of various enquiries we have addressed within the scope of the jobletter. We add to the tips on a continuous basis.