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Research at the University of Klagenfurt is competitive & internationally recognized, expanding and consolidating knowledge & promoting knowledge exchange within the scientific community.

Research at the University of Klagenfurt

The University of Klagenfurt’s research structure is geared towards increasing the visibility and competitiveness of our research within scientific communities.

In terms of content, the research structure at the University of Klagenfurt focuses on exchange across a broad range of specialist fields: The university’s four faculties, each incorporating a broad range of subjects, provide a framework that draws together the university’s two key research strengths, the four research clusters and its research-oriented teaching. This structure is also deeply embedded in the design of the University of Klagenfurt site. Further initiatives also have good potential to enhance the university’s profile in future.

 Univ.-Prof. Dr. Friederike Wall

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Friederike Wall

Vice-Rector for Research

“Scientific communities debate different scientific themes and quality criteria and are the focal point for interaction between scientists. The University of Klagenfurt supports its employees by enabling them to perform competitively and gain international visibility in these communities under beneficial conditions.”

Key research projects

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sponsored projects currently running in highly competitive programmes

Humans in the Digital Age

Young researchers

The University of Klagenfurt pays particular attention to putting measures in place across all faculties to support young researchers. The following initiatives are targeted specifically at young researchers at the University of Klagenfurt and aim to provide them with the best possible support for launching their careers:

  • Continuing education programme for young researchers
  • Mobility grants
  • Young Researchers Think Tank
  • Young Scientists Mentoring Programme

Support and advice

The Research Support Service is the first point of contact for information on applying for and carrying out third-party projects at national and EU level, as well as applying for the relevant funding. It also offers guidance on research contracts, development agreements, co-operation agreements and other agreements connected to research.

Contact: Mag. Elisabeth Frei (Head of the Research Support Service)
Telephone: +43 463 2700 9215
E-mail: Elisabeth [dot] Frei [at] aau [dot] at
Room: Z.2.16

Research funding

The University of Klagenfurt offers support to staff applying for third-party funding. A number of internal funding opportunities are also available to researchers.