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Retracing the travel correspondence of Giovanni Comisso

11. August 2021/by Forschungskommunikation

Young drone researchers Agata and Michał Barcis from the University of Klagenfurt and fellow researcher Michał Jagielski win the Drone Bot Contest at Deep Drone Challenge 2021

9. August 2021/by Forschungskommunikation

Calculating the spread of pollutants in cities

4. August 2021/by Forschungskommunikation

Grundstücks- und Mietpreissteigerungen in der Zweiten Reihe: Studie vergleicht Wohnungsmarktentwicklung in den Brandenburger Städten Fürstenwalde (Spree) und Neuruppin

14. July 2021/by Forschungskommunikation

Robotics research in Klagenfurt enjoys international success: The Karl Popper Doktorats- und Wissenschaftskolleg for Networked Autonomous Aerial Vehicles concludes with a demonstration in south Klagenfurt

14. July 2021/by Forschungskommunikation

Game developer from Klagenfurt writes best software Master’s thesis

12. July 2021/by Webredaktion2

Successful review of the first research phase: Christian Doppler ‘pilot’ laboratory ATHENA to transition to a regular CD laboratory two years after launch

1. July 2021/by Forschungskommunikation

Dynatrace Austria takes on the first classroom sponsorship at the University of Klagenfurt

28. June 2021/by Webredaktion2

Bitmovin takes on the second classroom sponsorship at the University of Klagenfurt

28. June 2021/by Webredaktion2

Enforcing security for robotics: Which bolts should be tightened?

17. June 2021/by Forschungskommunikation

Research on qualitative company growth: companies grow in leaps

15. June 2021/by contentredakteur

English idioms: Simplifying the acquisition of idioms for learners

27. May 2021/by Forschungskommunikation


Giacomo CarlessoFoto: Silvia Marsili

Retracing the travel correspondence of Giovanni Comisso

As a writer, he left many literary traces behind. Yet all too…
Drohnenwettbewerb - PreisFoto: KK
Iris RammelmüllerFoto: KK

Calculating the spread of pollutants in cities

One way of gaining a comprehensive understanding of the spread…

Scientific world

Long Kesh Maze | Foto: Martin Krenn, Aisling O’Beirn (online: TRACES Website), http://www.traces.polimi.it/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/google-earth-aerial-long-kesh-maze.jpg


Jasmin WachterFoto: aau/Müller

Enforcing security for robotics: Which bolts should be tightened?

To start with, robotics research is mainly about what is feasible.…

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Portraitfoto von Frau Melanie SchranzDaniel Prugger

Pasquale Grippa: “Research and cultural diversity widened my horizons.”

Pasquale Grippa recently completed his doctorate in Technical…
Portrait Silke English vor Skyline

Heading to Silicon Valley with a degree in Media and Communications

Silke English studied Media and Communications at the University…
Michael Riegler | Foto: privat

“Be bold with what you want to achieve”

Michael Riegler studied Information Management at the University…
Corinna KuttniggJoergler
Portraitfoto von Frau Barbara PedretscherBarbara Pedretscher

Barbara Pedretscher: “Use the university as your network of knowledge and exchange!”

Our graduate Barbara Pedretscher studied Technical Mathematics. She…
Portraitfoto von Herrn Michael TarmastinInfineon Technologies Austria AG

When fellow students become friends and work colleagues

Our graduate Michael Tarmastin started working for Infineon Technologies…
Portraifoto Margareta CigličMargareta Ciglič

Margareta Ciglič: The wonderful world of Informatics.

Our graduate Margareta Ciglič discovered her passion for Computer…
Daniel WaschnigDaniel Waschnig

From Cape Town to Klagenfurt: In conversation with advertising photographer Daniel Waschnig

Daniel Waschnig originally comes from Cape Town in South Africa…
Portraitfoto von Frau Melanie SchranzDaniel Prugger

Melanie Schranz: A woman’s journey into the realm of technology and to her dream job

Our graduate Melanie Schranz couldn't get enough of the exciting…

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