Alpen-Adria-Universität West | Foto: tinefoto.com


Women in Math_Michaela Szölgyenyi I (c) Christina Supanz

Optimization problems: doc.funds project funded by FWF

Optimization problems accompany us all the time in our every-day…
Lagerhalle | Foto: fotomek/Adobestock.comfotomek/Adobestock.com

New tools for swarms of machines

Moving intelligently, robots deployed in a warehouse shift crates…
Krank zur Arbeit | Antonioguillem/AdobestockAntonioguillem/Adobestock

Krank zur Arbeit: Wie kommt die Forschung dem Präsentismus und seinen Folgen auf die Spur?

Die Grippewelle hat Österreich und Europa wieder im Griff, und…

Scientific world

Long Kesh Maze | Foto: Martin Krenn, Aisling O’Beirn (online: TRACES Website), http://www.traces.polimi.it/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/google-earth-aerial-long-kesh-maze.jpg


Natalia Sokolova | Foto: KK

Automatic analysis of eye surgery

In many cases, modern ophthalmic surgery involves the video recording…

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Matthias Klestil | Foto: aau/Müller

Studying coincidence in literature and films

A position as post-doctoral researcher at the Department of English…
Koch Patrick | Foto: aau/Müller

Finding faults in Excel

A familiar situation for many: A large Excel file that includes…
Patrick Rodler | Foto: KK

Artificially intelligent metal detector for the needle in the haystack of knowledge

There are individuals who are immensely knowledgeable. And yet,…


Patrik Schumacher | Foto: Zaha Hadid ArchitectsZaha Haidid Architects

The world is your playground

Patrik Schumacher studied architecture at London South Bank University…
Stefan Lederer | Foto: bitmovinbitmovin

Bitmovin’s journey to the “North Star”

For Stefan Lederer, the University of Klagenfurt is an alma mater…
Erlfried Taurer | Foto: Constantia

Venkata Pathuri Bhuvana: Looking for solutions

Alumni Venkata Pathuri Bhuvana has completed the PhD program…
DI Sandeep Katragada bei einer Präsentation Copyright DI Sandeep KatragadaSandeep Katragada

Sandeep Katragada: Exchange with international students at the University of Klagenfurt

Alumni Sandeep Katragada has completed the PhD program "Interactive…
Harald Gietler | Foto: aau/Müller

Expanding the sensory skills of machines

Machines are already capable of many things. A certain set of…
Carina Rasse | Foto: aau/Müller

Immersed in a sea of words: Poetic metaphors

It’s a familiar situation: We gaze at a poem and wonder –…
Subhan Ullah | Foto: aau/Müller

More cyber security for intelligent cameras

To simplify our daily routines, devices designed for the “Internet…
Isabell Koinig | Foto: aau/Müller

Health consumption on the Internet and consulting Doctor Google

Mediatisation has fundamentally transformed our interactions…
Erlfried Taurer | Foto: Constantia

Bringing the connection between technology and management to life

Erlfried Taurer is CEO of Constantia Industries AG and was voted…

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