Südtrakt der Universität Klagenfurt von Westen gesehen


Alice Tarzariol | Foto: aau/Mülleraau/Müller

The logical path (to Computer Science)

Alice Tarzariol was born in Veneto, attended the university in…
Unterwasserroboter | Foto: aau/CNSaau/CNS

Using robots to inspect and clean ships: Trials involving Wörtherseeschifffahrt vessels

Cleaning the hull of a container ship currently takes around…
Mann nutzt Tablet im Wald | Foto: StockPhotoPro/AdobestockStockPhotoPro/Adobestock


Valdet Hadri | Foto: aau/Mülleraau/Müller
Alice Tarzariol | Foto: aau/Mülleraau/Müller
Julia Kubelka | Foto: KK
Christina Petschnigg | Foto: KKFoto: KK
Nikolaus Poechhackeraau/Müller

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Elena Smirnova | PortraitfotoCopyright Foto Schuster

Elena Smirnova: „Seeing the world from new angles.“

Our graduate Elena Smirnova completed the Master's degree programme…
Christina Petschnigg | Foto: KKFoto: KK

Using mathematics and statistics to build a 3D image of a factory

The BMW Group production network comprises over 30 production…
Marie Meyer-Marktl | Foto: Andrea Zehetner

It is my vision that people wake up bright-eyed on Monday mornings and think happy thoughts about work

Marie Meyer-Marktl studied Business Administration at the University…
Portraitfoto von Andreas Koppensteinerprivat

“I define myself in terms of contentment.”

Andreas Koppensteiner studied Applied Business Administration…
Markus Slamanigprivat

Live, and let live.

Markus Slamanig studied Applied Business Administration and Business…
Portraitfoto von Johannes Liegl

Life is for learning.

Johannes Liegl studied Informatics at the University of Klagenfurt…
Harald Gietler | Foto: aau/Müller

Follow what interests you, and don’t be upset by setbacks

Harald Gietler has just finished his PhD in Technical Sciences,…
Portraitfoto von Frau Alice de Benettiprivat

Catching up with … Alice de Benetti

Alice de Benetti works as Global Search Marketing Manager at…
Dženana AlagićDženana Alagić

Dženana Alagić: “Use the university to expand your horizons, study and enjoy!”

Dženana Alagić recently completed her doctorate in Technical…

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