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Master’s degrees in International Management, Media and Convergence Management and Game Studies and Engineering: Registration ends on the 15th of September!

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Facebook, Twitter and Co. are centralised platforms that are owned by private corporations and that control the respective networks unilaterally. An international project financed by EU-H2020 under the project leadership of Radu Prodan aims to create a decentralised social media ecosystem using blockchain technology.

Eingang zur Studien- und Prüfungsabteilung im Foyer der Universität Klagenfurt

Thinking about studying?

You’re unsure which degree programme is right for you, or you have general questions about studying? We are happy to provide you with tailored advice and can guide you through the process of choosing your degree. To arrange a consultation, simply send an e-mail to studieninfo [at] aau.at, get in touch via WhatsApp +43 664 963 31 09, or call us on +43 463 2700 9325.

Studierende in der Aula der Universität Klagenfurt

Want an international career?

Do you want to work in inter- and multinational companies and develop sustainable economic solutions? Then the new English-language Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Economics is perfect for you. The programme starts at the University of Klagenfurt in autumn 2019, offering excellent prospects for your international career.

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All alone. The focus being on the upset little boy feeling lonely and looking sadly at the camera while his parents sitting on the couch and quarrelling in the background.
Stephan Dickert & Alice Pechriggl

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