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Do you have questions about pursuing a Master’s degree at the University of Klagenfurt? Come and join our Master Infoweek from 2 to 5 June 2020, daily from 9 to 6! Find out about our 27 Master’s programmes in brief presentations and gather all the information you need about studying and scholarship programmes at the University of Klagenfurt. The Infoweek has been designed as an online event. More

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Information on the coronavirus

For the latest news on “COVID-19” and all accompanying measures for staff and students please visit www.aau.at/en/corona or the intranet of the University of Klagenfurt.

All relevant information is regularly updated on these pages.

Stefan Lederer (CEO und Co-Founder Bitmovin), Christopher Müller (CEO und Co-Founder Bitmovin), Christian Timmerer (ATHENA Labor, Universität Klagenfurt), Martin Gerzabek (Präsident der Christian Doppler Gesellschaft) und Ulrike Unterer (Vertreterin des BM für Digitalisierung und Wirtschaftsstandort und Vizepräsidentin der Christian Doppler Gesellschaft) | Foto: Daniel Waschnig


Christian Doppler Laboratory officially opened! The University of Klagenfurt, Bitmovin and a dedicated research team are now working together to develop new technologies that will enhance the video streaming experience in the future. The project, entitled ATHENA (Adaptive Streaming over HTTP and Emerging Networked Multimedia Services), is worth several million euros. Read more

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Cornelia Sicher
All alone. The focus being on the upset little boy feeling lonely and looking sadly at the camera while his parents sitting on the couch and quarrelling in the background.
Group of Canadian geese flying in V-formation over sunburst
Drohne | Foto: THANANIT/Fotolia.com

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