Luftaufnahme der Universität Klagenfurt mit dem Wörthersee im Hintergrund (gegen die Sonne fotografiert)

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Our Online Infoweek from 27 November to 1 December offers you the opportunity to get to know all our English-language programmes. There will also be sessions on our scholarships, career services and mobility programmes. Participation is free of charge!

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Altstadt von Klagenfurt am Wörthersee


Charming and full of unexpected delights: Klagenfurt is diverse, vibrant, and a great place to live, offering plenty of variety and many surprises for visitors and explorers alike. Find out more about Klagenfurt and the Province of Carinthia and gather some useful tips for getting the most from your student life from our “Discover Klagenfurt blog“.

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Through its research, the University of Klagenfurt contributes significantly to finding solutions for the societal challenges and practical problems of our time. Our researchers work on a wide range of problems to ensure security in virtual and real life, to mitigate threats, and to positively shape social progress.

Frau isst Müssliriegel | Foto: Julia/AdobestockJulia/Adobestock

The Dunning-Kruger effect and the muesli bar: Those who know the least tend to believe they are highly competent

The Dunning-Kruger effect can be observed in many different areas:…
Thomas Jantos mit der Inspektionsdrohne | Foto: aau/Mülleraau/Müller

Drones inspect electricity pylons: Navigation technology under development at the University of Klagenfurt

Power lines are frequently damaged during snowfall or snowstorms.…
Drohne mit Paket | Foto: MUS_GRAPHIC/AdobestockFoto: MUS_GRAPHIC/Adobestock

Flying by radar: New navigation technology for drones

Autonomous drones typically use the GPS satellite navigation…
Green Videostreaming | Foto: MclittleStock/AdobestockMclittleStock/Adobestock

ECO mode launches for climate-friendly video streaming and GAIA research project wins CSI Magazine Award

Online data traffic accounts for more than fifty percent of global…
Traktor auf einem Feld | Foto: AhmadSoleh/AdobestockFoto: AhmadSoleh/Adobestock

How do subsidies affect land use?

The European Union has set ambitious targets for the agricultural…
Jugendliche sitzen auf Skaterbahn | Foto: anatoliycherkas/Adobestockanatoliycherkas/Adobestock

Supporting the mental health of adolscents in Eastern Europe

Early adolescence is often a crucial time when it comes to healthy…
Jan SteinbrenerFoto: Daniel Waschnig

Intelligent surgical robots are validated in cooperation with KABEG

Assistive robots are already in use in many operating theatres.…
Global Citizen Education | Foto: Photo And Art Panda/AdobestockPhoto And Art Panda/Adobestock
Brücke | Foto: R3nder/AdobestockR3nder/Adobestock

To improve safety: Using swarms of drones to inspect bridges

The construction industry is also benefiting from digitalisation:…
Lastwagen | Foto: Ruslan Ivantsov/AdobestockRuslan Ivantsov/Adobestock

Preventing the circulation of empty lorries and goods trains

The concept of pooling resources is spreading to the logistics…
Michaela SzölgyenyiChristina Supanz

How can renewable energy satisfy the demand for electricity as far as possible?

Wind, sun and water do not produce constant amounts of energy.…
Endoskopische Operation | Foto: flywish/Adobestockflywish/Adobestock

Life-saving knowledge: New technology sifts through surgical videos

Most endoscopic operations generate videos that are of interest…
Alleingelassener Teenager | Foto: Falk/AdobestockFalk/Adobestock

Moving out at 18 and then dealing with life by yourself? New project examines the importance of family for care leavers

Care leavers – these are young people who grow up outside the…
Journalismus | Foto: stcom/Adobestockstcom/Adobestock

New ideas in journalism aim to strengthen democracy

The world of communication is in a state of upheaval: Fractured…
Michael WiegandFoto: Daniel Waschnig

Automatic detection of online insults

Hate speech in the digital sphere has the potential to silence…
Güterzug | Foto: sandsun/Adobestocksandsun/Adobestock

Fewer empty kilometres on Austria’s railways

At present, an ÖBB dispatcher still has to manually assign empty…
Green Supercomputing | Foto: nsit0108/Adobestocknsit0108/Adobestock

Green Supercomputing: Processing large data volumes more energy-efficiently

Vast quantities of data also signify huge energy consumption.…

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