The University of Klagenfurt is celebrating its 50th anniversary!

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Don’t waste precious time – enrol now for the summer semester 2020! The admission period for Bachelor’s degree programmes ends on 5 February. Students enrolled in the Bachelor’s degree programmes in Business Administration, Media and Communications and Applied Informatics can take up their studies at the start of the summer term – there is no need to complete a special admission procedure.  Further information

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Support our scholarship programmes and invest in the future! The three programmes Technology Scholarship, Klagenfurt Scholarship and Alps-Adriatic Scholarship are advertised internationally in order to bring the very best candidates to Klagenfurt. The programmes also allow the University of Klagenfurt to respond to the Carinthian economy’s increasing demand for skilled workers. Further information on our scholarship programmes

Stefan Lederer (CEO und Co-Founder Bitmovin), Christopher Müller (CEO und Co-Founder Bitmovin), Christian Timmerer (ATHENA Labor, Universität Klagenfurt), Martin Gerzabek (Präsident der Christian Doppler Gesellschaft) und Ulrike Unterer (Vertreterin des BM für Digitalisierung und Wirtschaftsstandort und Vizepräsidentin der Christian Doppler Gesellschaft) | Foto: Daniel Waschnig


Christian Doppler Laboratory officially opened! The University of Klagenfurt, Bitmovin and a dedicated research team are now working together to develop new technologies that will enhance the video streaming experience in the future. The project, entitled ATHENA (Adaptive Streaming over HTTP and Emerging Networked Multimedia Services), is worth several million euros. Read more

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Elisabeth Oswald | Foto: aau/Daniel WaschnigDaniel Waschnig
Patrik Schumacher | Foto: Zaha Hadid ArchitectsZaha Haidid Architects
Heather Foran und Primar Wolfgang Wladika im Gespräch | Foto: aau/photo riccio
Oliver Vitouch | Foto: aau/Daniel WaschnigDaniel Waschnig

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