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The general admission period for the summer semester 2017 started on 9th January!

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Everybody’ refers to figures that are used to appeal to “all of us”. Anna Schober (Department of Media and Communications) is investigating what is widely known as “the common man”, the “common woman”, “the man in the street”, or “the girl from next door”. In her work, which is conducted within the scope of a project funded by the DFG, she aims to develop a cultural-historical iconography of the figure of everybody.




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We are renovating our lecture theatres! The construction costs will be covered by BIG (the organisation that manages Austria’s publicly owned real estate), while the technology and all furnishings will be financed by the Alpen-Adria-Universität. This is why we are collecting money: Every donation makes a direct contribution to securing the best possible studying conditions for future AAU students. Make a dedication for your favourite seat in one of the lecture theatres 1 to 4 and tell us about your personal AAU memory: www.aauwirdreicher.at

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Extension curricula (EC) are special programmes made up of a number of restricted electives.  They are structured courses designed according to pedagogical and academic criteria, which give you the opportunity to gain additional knowledge in a different or interdisciplinary department. For more information see “Extension curricula“.

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Detail from the 30 meter panoramic photograph of the skull cabinet at the Natural History Museum Vienna | Photo by Tal Adler, 2012

Heute tritt Donald #Trump offiziell sein Amt als 45.#Präsident der USA an. Zum Abschluss der LV-Reihe "US Elections @AAU" gibt es ein weiteres Live-Event mit Vortrag, Diskussionen und Livestream der Angelobungsfeier!
Heute, ab 16 Uhr, Stiftungssaal (Servicegebäude)
#inaugurationday #USA #AmericanStudies #liveevent

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