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Mentoring for schoolchildren

Be First! is aimed at schoolchildren who are the first in their families to consider a university degree. Students from the University of Klagenfurt accompany interested youngsters during their final year at school and during their first year at university. They offer helpful advice about studying, provide support when it comes to choosing a degree, and share their experience of daily life as a student. Further information on Be First! (in German)

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Our reading recommendations …

Are you on the look-out for gripping and interesting reading matter for the (pre-)Christmas season? We have put together a list based on the recommendations of university staff.  Each Advent Sunday we will add a short video reading from one of the recommended books.  We wish you pleasant hours with the book(s) of your choice! Further information

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Step by step, the University of Klagenfurt is steadily expanding its activities in the new research area “Humans in the Digital Age”. The appointment of Elisabeth Oswald (University of Bristol) represents an important milestone in this endeavour. As an applied cryptographer, Elisabeth Oswald works at the interface between mathematics and computer science. In her research, she focuses especially on the cryptographic aspects of cybersecurity. More

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Magazine for Research and Culture at the University of Klagenfurt

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All alone. The focus being on the upset little boy feeling lonely and looking sadly at the camera while his parents sitting on the couch and quarrelling in the background.
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