Christmas holidays at AAU: 22nd December 2017 until 7th January 2018!

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In many industrialised countries, forests are starting to regrow after centuries or millennia of large-scale deforestation. This appears positive for the global climate system, because forests sequester carbon that would otherwise accumulate in the atmosphere. However, forest regrowth may not necessarily be a viable strategy for climate-change mitigation. Simone Gingrich has been awarded a prestigious ERC Starting Grant and plans to use it to identify and analyse the “hidden emissions” of reforestation processes.

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Missed the admission deadline?

Admission on to a Bachelor’s programme during the extension period (6 Sept. to 30 Nov. 2017) is permitted if one of the following exceptions arise: Failure to pass the entrance or admission examination or the STEOP; students who have just completed their school leaving qualification; alternative civilian or military service/voluntary welfare work for one year; unforeseen or unavoidable event; employment/work experience; time abroad. Find out more

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Complete your Master at the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt! The application period for the Master’s degree programmes runs until 30th November 2017. Information on admission and prerequisites can be found on the page Admission to Master’s degree programmes.

For an overview of all degree programmes go to List of degree programmes.

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In Kolumbien wurde einem Fluss der Status eines Rechtssubjekts zuerkannt. Der Geograph Moremi Zeil fragt in seiner Dissertation nach den Rahmenbedingungen, Ursachen und vor allem Folgen dieses Urteils.
Weiterlesen: www.aau.at/blog/der-fluss-das-rechtssubjekt/
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