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Welcome to the Partners & Sponsors of the University of Klagenfurt!

Supporting the University of Klagenfurt

The University of Klagenfurt offers a variety of opportunities and exciting projects for the promotion of science, research and education. Your involvement represents an investment in the future and boosts scientific progress. You can support aspiring young researchers, promote motivated and talented students and facilitate necessary infrastructure measures for the university.

Selected projects & campaigns:

  • Make a difference LOGO blau

Support our Master’s scholarship programmes

By offering an attractive range of Master’s scholarship programmes – the Technolgy Scholarship, the Klagenfurt Scholarship, and the Alps-Adriatic Scholarship – the University of Klagenfurt can react responsively to the soaring demand for specialists in Carinthia’s economy by training highly qualified experts and awarding coveted scholarships to excellent students.

  • Max Kesselbacher Klagenfurt-Stipendium

Sponsor exceptional students

Bring outstanding talent (back) to Carinthia! As a company, graduate, association or private individual, you can award a Klagenfurt Scholarship worth 150 EUR per month and the provincial capital of Klagenfurt will double your sponsorship amount. You will get to know promising students and young professionals, establish close contacts with the university, and boost your corporate image.

  • Kampagne "AAU wird reicher!" HerzlichenDank

453 endowed seats!

The campaign “Let’s make AAU wealthier” has come to an end and its great success is mirrored in the figures: 446 donors, 453 endowed seats and overall donations worth  59,491 Euro. However, the campaign was not only a great success in financial terms. The campaign website collected more than 400 anecdotes, pictures and memories of the people in and around the University of Klagenfurt, covering the last 40 years.

  • Lakeside Park

Safeguard top-tier research

The Karl Popper Kolleg (KPK) is a centre for research and doctoral studies founded by the University of Klagenfurt in 2014. It allows promising young researchers to collaborate with international researchers at the cutting edge of their fields.

Our joint achievements:

Energiemanagement Glühlampe Symbolfoto

Endowed Professorship Sustainabale Energy Management

Studierende am 3-D-Drucker

Interdisciplinary Bachelor‘s and Master’s Programmes

Stiftungsgebäude der Universität Klagenfurt

Infrastructure: Endowed building at the University of Klagenfurt

Stiftungsprofessur Industrie 4.0

Endowed Professorship Industry 4.0: Adaptive and Networked Production Systems

Your contact

The fundraising service at the University of Klagenfurt serves to build bridges between the university, private individuals, companies and foundations.

As a partner and sponsor, you can support the University of Klagenfurt in achieving its strategic goals in science, research and teaching. Thanks to their professional expertise as well as the non-material and financial support of our sponsors, the University of Klagenfurt has already been able to implement a number of future-oriented projects, measures and ideas. We are very pleased about the close, constructive and profitable cooperation and are always open for new, innovative collaborations that “overcome borders!”.

We would be delighted to inform you about current projects at the university and look forward to meeting you in person.

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