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It is a magnet for visitors from all over the world: Lake Wörthersee. It is the centre for culinary delights, joie de vivre and culture, especially in the summer. Plenty of highlights await you a mere 900 steps from the University of Klagenfurt.

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Flavours of the South (Part 2)

Do you fancy a culinary expedition through Klagenfurt? We have sampled the local delights and can share a few of our most delicious tips with you. Read on to find out where to shop and where to dine out.  

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Your FIRST STEPS into university life

Choosing a degree programme and embarking on a new phase of your life is an exciting time: It’s a time of opportunities, but also of challenges. The University of Klagenfurt offers prospective students and first-semester students a wide range of guidance services.

Here, we provide important information, helpful tips and useful tricks that will help you to get your life as a student off to a good start.

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Living a mere stone’s throw from the university

Living in a community full of people and still somehow finding enough space for oneself: Hannes from Oberwart in Burgenland tells us why he chose to live in a student dorm in Klagenfurt. Read more

MONEY TALK during your time at university

Rooms in shared flats or student dorms, food and drink, clothes, books and course material, hobbies – studying costs money. Even if you are one of the lucky ones with financial support from your parents – being able to earn a bit of extra money will offer you more freedom. And there is a lot you can do.

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Flavours of the South

Fancy a culinary expedition through Klagenfurt? We have sampled the local delights and can share a few of our best tips with you.

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Eat well sustainably!

Paying attention to regionality, sustainability and high-quality products – at home and when dining out – is really easy in Klagenfurt. That’s because, in addition to several venerable Klagenfurt institutions, a growing number of restaurants are now focusing on cuisine with a purpose.

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Pure coffee culture: 9 of the best cafés in Klagenfurt

“The best coffee!”, “the coolest location!”… we have taken a closer look at a handful of cafés in Klagenfurt. Anyone who thinks that trendy venues can only be found in Vienna is very much mistaken: You will come across the full range here, from the charm of a traditional coffee house to hipster flair. The average level of daily consumption in Austria is three cups; we’ve tasted nine for you. Here’s our caffeinated résumé.

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Klagenfurt – City of Culture

Nothing doing culturally? Not so: It’s all happening in Carinthia, and across all genres of art! To start with, the province is internationally renowned for its great wealth of artists and for hosting the largest annual literary competition in the German language in its capital, Klagenfurt. Literary giants such as Ingeborg Bachmann, Robert Musil or the Nobel laureate Peter Handke all hail from Carinthia. So does Austria’s most famous painter, Maria Lassnig. Live literature can be experienced all year round in the Musil House, as well as in the museum housed there, and in the Musil Institute above it, right across the road from Klagenfurt’s main railway station.

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5 career tips for students

Getting ready to enter the world of work while you’re still at university? Here are five tips that will help you succeed:

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