Funding your university degree

Rooms in shared flats or student halls, food and drink, clothes, books and teaching materials, hobbies – studying costs money. Even if you are one of the lucky ones who can rely on financial support from your parents – arranging your own supplementary income will give you a greater measure of freedom.

Part-time work pays off

A great number of students at Klagenfurt University are diligent and work in addition to pursuing their studies. This requires excellent time management and flexibility. But having a job doesn’t just earn you money, it’s also an advantage when you enter the professional world. Whether it’s ticket sales, restaurant experience, childcare or working in a call centre – all practical experience is valuable, it contributes to your personal development and it will also help you to advance in your professional career. After all, HR managers like to see part-time jobs on CVs. Ideally, the job should have a connection to your degree and it will provide a welcome change of pace to your hours of study, when things can sometimes seem a little dull.
If you are still on the lookout, you can gain valuable information from the university’s career service: Here you will find advice about application documents and interviews, you can attend networking events and workshops, and you can read about current opportunities in the weekly Jobletter. Compelling application documents and a good first impression at the job interview are essential when looking for a suitable part-time job.

Grants and scholarships as an additional source of funds

Have you found out about possible grants and scholarships yet? It’s worth spending a little time and effort on doing some research. Everyone knows about family allowance and study allowance. But the fact that there are many more ways to boost your funds can be a valuable clue. The ÖH’s welfare unit serves as an excellent point of contact in this regard. You can find a list of scholarship programmes here: In addition, provides an excellent overview of other funding opportunities.
Our tip: If you are an aspiring Master’s student at the University of Klagenfurt, the Klagenfurt Scholarship could be an interesting proposition for you. This programme rewards academic achievement and commitment, and introduces you to interesting regional employers: The Klagenfurt Scholarship