Frühstücken in Klagenfurt

Breakfast in Klagenfurt – Bon appétit!

Breakfast: Many regard it as the best meal of the day. The fragrance of freshly roasted coffee, the crunch as you slice into your roll, the snap and crackle of the newspaper sheets. In Klagenfurt you can choose from a vast range of breakfast options, from breakfast à la carte to a sumptuous brunch buffet, you’ll find everything you need to get your day off to a good start. We checked out the breakfast scene in Klagenfurt and selected our top 5 locations.



We always love going to Hafenstadt, whether it’s to attend an event or to pick up a new record. Now there is a new reason to get together in this urban space. The restaurant with its slightly dilapidated charm recently began to serve breakfast as well. Amid artfully peeling walls and colourful window niches, you can now enjoy more than just the traditional bread roll with jam: They have it all, from avocado sandwiches to Tel Aviv breakfast plates, and we highly recommend a visit. A lot of love has gone into this and you can definitely see and taste it.

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Select Hotel Moser Verdino

This is not only a great place to sleep, but also to have breakfast. The hotel, rich in tradition, has recently re-opened and, in addition to featuring the only sky bar in Klagenfurt, it also offers an exquisite breakfast that is served to non-guests as well. Foodies and those who love a wide selection will certainly get their money’s worth here. A variety of culinary treats and speciality coffees are served here every day. Ever since we first checked it out, this stylish hotel has become one of our favourite meeting places, not only because of the sky bar, but also because we can enjoy big city flair here. We invite you to do the same, whenever you want to enjoy a hearty breakfast followed by a delicious drink high above the rooftops of Klagenfurt.

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Das Wohnzimmer (the lounge)

Work can wait, breakfast can’t. That’s the motto of this cosy place for crazy people and they invite you to sample their delicacies. The musical backdrop is as varied as the menu, from rock, soul or hip hop, there is something for everyone. You can tell that the owner likes to travel by the variety of breakfast options. Eggs Benedict on brioche with salmon & sauce hollondaise, Greek yoghurt with a brownie and honey or a salmon bagel – no matter what you order, you can taste the meticulous attention to detail and you feel right at home. Only better, because you don’t have to make it yourself.


Île de France

No reservation – no chance! This discreet café on the corner of Domplatz has an impressively extensive menu. Crêpes, galettes and quiche will make you feel like you’re in heavenly France. First thing in the morning, the conversation here is still rather muted, but around 10:30 a.m. the spirits seem to be awakened and laughter rings out at the next table. This heralds the shift to lunchtime. When you see the first tarte flambée coming from the kitchen, it’s almost enough to make you hungry again. Prices range from € 3.90 to € 10.20, and if you treat yourself to a rosé as an apperitif, you can expect to pay a little more. And yes, this is precisely what we did.



From traditional muesli to shakshuka with homemade bread, this stylish place with its family vibe has everything you might need as you start your day. magdas supports regional businesses and stands for food and people with character. A mix of retro, upcycled and modern elements awaits you, offering an urban atmosphere, international cuisine and professional service on 240 square metres. Settling down to savour the food, you can also indulge in the art. With its biannual exhibitions, curated by Flux23, magdas creates a special setting combining art with pleasure.