Flavours of the South (Part 2)

Do you fancy a culinary expedition through Klagenfurt? We have sampled the local delights and can share a few of our most delicious tips with you. Read on to find out where to shop and where to dine out.  

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Flavours of the South

Fancy a culinary expedition through Klagenfurt? We have sampled the local delights and can share a few of our best tips with you.

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Eat well sustainably!

Paying attention to regionality, sustainability and high-quality products – at home and when dining out – is really easy in Klagenfurt. That’s because, in addition to several venerable Klagenfurt institutions, a growing number of restaurants are now focusing on cuisine with a purpose.

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What connects oyster mushrooms from Maria Rain and organic eggs from Gnesau?

Even though avocados and chia seeds are currently en vogue: If you really want to live a healthy and ecologically sustainable life, try to eat food that is regional and seasonal. The farms in and around Klagenfurt, but also in neighbouring Italy and Slovenia, offer delicious food all year round.

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Breakfast in Klagenfurt – Bon appétit!

Breakfast: Many regard it as the best meal of the day. The fragrance of freshly roasted coffee, the crunch as you slice into your roll, the snap and crackle of the newspaper sheets. In Klagenfurt you can choose from a vast range of breakfast options, from breakfast à la carte to a sumptuous brunch buffet, you’ll find everything you need to get your day off to a good start. We checked out the breakfast scene in Klagenfurt and selected our top 5 locations.

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Pure coffee culture: 6 of the best cafés in Klagenfurt

“The best coffee!”, “the coolest location!”… we have responded to these calls and are taking a closer look at a handful of cafés in Klagenfurt. Anyone who thinks that you trendy places can only be found in Vienna is very much mistaken: You will come across the full range here, from the charm of a traditional coffee house to hipster flair. The average daily consumption in Austria is three cups, but we will make an exception today by drinking six. A résumé.

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Tapas and Curry: International cuisine in Klagenfurt

There is no doubt that Käsnudeln and Wienerschnitzel are pleasing to the palate (but less so to the figure). However, they won’t necessarily satisfy you every day. Not to worry: In Klagenfurt, you can go on exciting culinary journeys, as our selection of international restaurants will show.

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The top beach bars around Lake Wörthersee

Hello summer! Fancy a taste of summer beside tranquil turquoise waters? Let us present to you the hottest beach bars around Lake Wörthersee: Read more

Ice, Ice Baby

When summer reaches peak temperatures, we all need to cool down. Now for a scoop of ice cream! But where? We visited the top ice cream parlours in Klagenfurt and have put together an overview of the different options for you. Read more