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Choosing a sustainable lifestyle

Around the world, global climate change and the scarcity of energy and natural resources are prompting a shift in thinking. If you want to live sustainably and be mindful of your ecological footprint, Klagenfurt is the ideal place for you. Regionality, sustainability and high-quality products are ranked very highly here.

Sustainable mobility: Cycling

Don’t feel like walking, but also can’t be bothered to hunt for a parking space? No worries. You can now explore Klagenfurt am Wörthersee by bike without a hassle. The Nextbike bike rental system is easy to use, cheap and flexible. And here’s how it works: The bikes can be rented via app (Nextbike), BikeComputer, station terminal or by calling the hotline. A total of 270 bicycles are available for hire across 50 Nextbike rental stations in the Klagenfurt area. Simply register, book a bike, and hit the pedals. You can return the bike at any rental station of your choice.

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Sustainable trips with e-scooters

Environmentally friendly short trips around town are easily accomplished on an e-scooter. Since June 2019, by agreement with the city administration, two companies have been offering e-scooters for hire in Klagenfurt. All you need is the respective app (Tier or Scoota), which can be downloaded to your mobile phone. You log on to the scooter via QR scan and you’re ready to go. Don’t forget to sign off at the end of the journey, or else you will keep on paying. Billing is based on time. Up-to-date information on rates can be found in the app.

The e-scooters can be used between 6 am and 10 pm. During the night, the scooters are collected or deactivated via GPS. Also, use is limited to the city area, so a trip around Lake Wörthersee is not an option. The sites are distributed all over Klagenfurt. The number of scooters is limited; the city has approved up to 170 scooters per operator.

Sustainable food:
Food sharing at Together Point

At Together Point, private individuals and commercial companies and producers can donate, exchange and recycle surplus food. Goods that can no longer be sold or recycled in a private household can be saved from the dustbin in this way. 8 (soon to be 10) distribution points, the Together Points, have been established throughout Carinthia, where food can be dropped off and distributed; no proof of financial hardship is necessary, everyone is free to pick up groceries and the like. So-called “food savers” collect the food and bring it to the distribution points, where it can be collected free of charge.

Sustainable fashion

Using roughly 200 used textile containers, Soziale Betriebe Kärnten collect more than 1,000 tonnes of used textiles per year in Klagenfurt, Villach, Fürnitz, St. Veit/Glan, Diex and Techelsberg. The loveliest items are put on sale in second soul shops, the rest is recycled so that only very small quantities are discarded. There is something for everyone here: stylish fashion, hardly worn and up to date; basic wear for next to nothing; designer bargains for the fashionistas. Here you can find a wide range of clothing in all sizes, as well as shoes and accessories.


9020 Klagenfurt, Adolf-Kolping-Gasse 4

9500 Villach / Rathausgasse 6


9020 Klagenfurt, Durchlassstraße 44

9500 Villach, Italienerstraße 23 + 27

Sustainable shopping: Kostnix shop

The Kostnix shop encourages trading and bartering. You don’t need money, instead you can “acquire” something in return for a service of your choice and without obligation. You can also drop off things that need a new home. Basically, the Kostnix shop is a space for things that are donated and passed on free of charge. Today, you can browse books, clothes, videos, CDs, tableware, household articles, electrical appliances, shoes and much more here. For things to be accepted, they must be in working order.

To avoid cluttering up the shop, large items such as electrical appliances or furniture are only brokered via the notice board.

Sustainable shopping: Flea markets in Klagenfurt

For those who wish to find a new home for their belongings, or who are looking for antiques, second-hand books and all kinds of other everyday objects, a visit to one of the many flea markets in Klagenfurt and the surrounding area is highly recommended.

The Metro car park hosts a flea market every Sunday; you can visit the indoor flea market in the Siriusstraße every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday from 8.30 am to 3 pm, and every first Saturday of the month all kinds of second-hand goods are offered in front of the Obi DIY store in the Völkermarkter Straße.

The Lendhafen also transforms into a flea market every third Saturday of the month. The flea market in Viktring is a particular highlight. It takes place twice a year, attracting visitors from near and far.