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It is a magnet for visitors from all over the world: Lake Wörthersee. It is the centre for culinary delights, joie de vivre and culture, especially in the summer. Plenty of highlights await you a mere 900 steps from the University of Klagenfurt.

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Living a mere stone’s throw from the university

Living in a community full of people and still somehow finding enough space for oneself: Hannes from Oberwart in Burgenland tells us why he chose to live in a student dorm in Klagenfurt. Read more

Klagenfurt – City of Culture

Nothing doing culturally? Not so: It’s all happening in Carinthia, and across all genres of art! To start with, the province is internationally renowned for its great wealth of artists and for hosting the largest annual literary competition in the German language in its capital, Klagenfurt. Literary giants such as Ingeborg Bachmann, Robert Musil or the Nobel laureate Peter Handke all hail from Carinthia. So does Austria’s most famous painter, Maria Lassnig. Live literature can be experienced all year round in the Musil House, as well as in the museum housed there, and in the Musil Institute above it, right across the road from Klagenfurt’s main railway station.

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Hidden spots around Lake Wörthersee: they do exist!

Find out where you can relax on the shores of Lake Wörthersee in the summer without spending a lot of money and without crowds of tourists.

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“A shared apartment is like being part of a family.”

It‘s cheaper to live in a shared apartment. And, it’s also more sociable. We visited Fredi, Andrea, Peter and Bono in their four-bedroom shared apartment in Klagenfurt’s Waidmannsdorf district to ask about the advantages and disadvantages of sharing with other people.

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4 tips for getting through the winter without freezing

The time has come: The temperatures are dropping below freezing, in the mornings and evenings you have to allow time to clear the car windows of ice, and cheerfully pedalling your bike is becoming ever more challenging. For those of you who feel the cold, we have some tips on how to make winters in Klagenfurt a little less chilly.

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So, are you just out for a walk … or are you soaking up the atmosphere (in the woods)?

Ever since the Corona lock-down weeks, if not before, many have discovered our forests as places of recreation. The so-called “forest bathing” is considered a stress management method that helps to strengthen the immune system, lower adrenaline levels and relieve the cardiovascular system. In addition, there are the beneficial effects of exercising outdoors in the fresh air. Anyone who regularly walks through the forest in a mindful way, covering a distance of at least three kilometres and walking for an hour, paying attention to colours, light and details and consciously listening to the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves, will be doing themselves a great service. We scoured the forests around Klagenfurt for the best “bathing” spots.

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Klagenfurt: The ideal of a Renaissance city

Until 1514, the small town of Klagenfurt was virtually unheard of, then – more than 500 years ago – a devastating fire reduced the town to ashes, and this proved to be something of a godsend. The town was owned by Emperor Maximilian I, who was also the Archduke of Carinthia. To spare himself the cost of rebuilding the town, he gifted it to the Carinthian Provincial Estates in 1518. Klagenfurt then gained the status of a provincial town and was also made the new capital of Carinthia. The estates didn’t hesitate to splash out: By rebuilding Klagenfurt, they created the only ideal Renaissance city in modern-day Austria.

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Twentyfour places in Carinthia that will fill you with wonder

Carinthia/Kärnten/Koroška has lots to offer and a little bit more besides: Wanting to live, work and study right at the heart of a breath-taking natural environment, in the cultural melting pot between the Alps and Adriatic, and in innovative, open surroundings, more and more young people are discovering the southernmost state in Austria, home to around 560,000 people. Here we introduce you to some of the hotspots waiting to be explored in Carinthia.

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Things students can be doing at home right now

No lectures, no get-togethers with friends, no study evenings with fellow students, no shopping trips, hairdressing appointments or sports classes – the coronavirus is seriously restricting our social lives at the moment. But that doesn’t mean we can’t use our time at home productively! Read more