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Twentyfour places in Carinthia that will fill you with wonder

Carinthia/Kärnten/Koroška has lots to offer and a little bit more besides: Wanting to live, work and study right at the heart of a breath-taking natural environment, in the cultural melting pot between the Alps and Adriatic, and in innovative, open surroundings, more and more young people are discovering the southernmost state in Austria, home to around 560,000 people. Here we introduce you to some of the hotspots waiting to be explored in Carinthia.

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Things students can be doing at home right now

No lectures, no get-togethers with friends, no study evenings with fellow students, no shopping trips, hairdressing appointments or sports classes – the coronavirus is seriously restricting our social lives at the moment. But that doesn’t mean we can’t use our time at home productively! Read more

Choosing a sustainable lifestyle

Around the world, global climate change and the scarcity of energy and natural resources are prompting a shift in thinking. If you want to live sustainably and be mindful of your ecological footprint, Klagenfurt is the ideal place for you. Regionality, sustainability and high-quality products are ranked very highly here.

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Winter in Carinthia

As well as offering a wide range of leisure activities in summer, Carinthia is a true paradise for winter sports enthusiasts in the colder months. Klagenfurt is encircled by mountains and lakes and consequently serves as the perfect starting point for your diverse leisure activities.

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