5 opportunities to make a difference in Carinthia

A day without a good deed is a lost day, as Rupert Kornmann once said. There are plenty of opportunities to make a difference in Carinthia. Here are a few ideas.

“Eggerheim” Klagenfurt, day centre for the homeless

The Eggerheim is open daily and offers shelter, fresh clothes and food to homeless people. Also, staff and volunteers endeavour to give people a new perspective on life and to support them in finding a place to live. The team headed by Katrin Starc arranges housing and helps to furnish it using donations in kind. They also arrange accompanied visits to medical practitioners, public offices and government agencies, as well as assistance in obtaining any necessary documents and papers.

People who would like to volunteer here and keep people in need company, prepare lunch or serve drinks are always welcome.

For information (in German) please visit: https://www.caritas-kaernten.at/spenden-helfen/freiwilliges-engagement/zeitspenden/freiwillige-fuer-wohnungslosentagesstaette/


Helping with knowledge, Caritas learning cafés

The Caritas learning cafés support children and young adults with their homework, help them prepare for schoolwork and with tests and papers. The aim of the learning cafés is to ensure that the children complete their schooling successfully, to facilitate social learning, to convey the joy of learning and to promote language skills.

Education is power and we all know that a little support is often much appreciated during those tricky school years. So, if you feel like using your talent to help others, then please do get in touch with Caritas.

For information (in German) please visit: https://www.caritas-kaernten.at/spenden-helfen/freiwilliges-engagement/zeitspenden/geben-sie-nachhilfe-in-den-caritas-lerncafes/


Vinzibus, a filling station for human warmth

The Vinzenzgemeinschaft St. Hemma-Vinzibus has operated a Vinzibus in Klagenfurt since 2007, providing hot tea, sandwiches or warm food to the homeless, to young people, to displaced persons and to all those in need of help every evening. Every year, approximately 120 volunteers serve 25,200 loaves of bread, 60 hot meals and 3,600 litres of tea to 9,000 people who visit the bus.

However, the work of the volunteers does not only consist of serving food, but also of having an open ear for concerns, experiences and stories of all kinds. So, if you are a good listener and would like to do your bit, the Vinzibus might be a wonderful opportunity.

For information (in German) please visit: https://www.vinzenzgemeinschaft.at/projekte/vinzibus/


Lea – food bank

At Kaufmanngasse number 6 in Klagenfurt, food is distributed to single parents, people living alone, and people collecting subsistence pensions. The food bank Lea was opened jointly with Caritas Carinthia and the association “Tafel Süd” in November 2015. The Vinzenz Association first handed out food there on 11.11.2015. The donations are made by supermarkets, wholesale markets, bakeries and the suppliers serving the weekly Benedictine market.

If you would like to offer your support here, donating your time and showing your enthusiasm for this campaign, you will certainly be welcomed with open arms.

For information (in German) please visit: https://www.vinzenzgemeinschaft.at/projekte/lea/


Garden of Eden, a heart for animals

The Garden of Eden is a sanctuary for animals that no longer have a home. This animal shelter dates back to 1992 and, as a private association, it is not only dependent on donations, but also relies on active local support. There are different ways to help here: you can bring food, blankets and wood pellets to the shelter at regular intervals, or you can take dogs out for a walk. People can also help to keep the shelter shipshape and volunteer to do a bit of cleaning as well as giving the animals some affection.

All of the animals housed in the Garden of Eden are there now because someone was no longer able or willing to care for them. As Mahatma Ghandi once said, the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. If you want to make sure that our society doesn’t forget about the animal world as it continues to develop, then getting involved in the Garden of Eden is certainly a good idea.

For information (in German) please visit: https://sites.google.com/site/tierheimgarteneden/home