Gratis Sportangebot in Klagenfurt

Exercise for your body as well as your mind

In addition to our University Sports Institute (USI), which offers a wide range of activities for students, you can also take part in outdoor activities that are entirely free of charge. All you need is your body and the proper motivation.

Running Club at Kreuzbergl – you don’t feel lonely when you’re running

Kreuzbergl is Klagenfurt’s local peak and rises to an altitude of 517 metres. Here, an illustrious group of runners meets at the car park at the Fischerwirt for their joint evening sport session. What do you need to bring along to participate in this community? Just bring an open mind and a pair of running shoes and you’re ready to go. There’s no need to tell you that going for a run in the forest has a very positive effect on your mind, because it lowers the levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and exercise in the open air always has a calming effect. Whether you’re looking for peace and quiet in the woods or for a pleasant run, the free Running Club at Kreuzbergl is sure to satisfy both moods.

Yoga in the Europapark – find your balance

The Europapark covers around 22 hectares and has a lot to offer. A large children’s playground, a skater park, outdoor chess and beautifully maintained landscaped gardens. The association SuperActive uses these green spaces for outdoor yoga as well. From July to September, they offer the ideal counterbalance to your daily study routine. Yoga teacher Kerstin Messner places special emphasis on the final relaxation phase, where she sometimes even plays her guitar. After that, there’s really nothing to get in the way of a serene and relaxed evening. What do you need? Just a mat that is reasonably non-slip to stand on. When it’s not raining, the outdoor yoga takes place every Tuesday from 6:30 to 7:30 pm near the chessboards in Europapark. Plus, there’s BodyArt on Monday at 7pm and yoga on Friday mornings at 8am. For more information (in German), visit the SuperActive website at:

Ice skating on the Lendkanal – pick up some speed travelling from the university to the centre of town

Klagenfurt has a wide range of outdoor activities in store, not only in summer, but also in winter. As the provincial capital of ice hockey, most people naturally learn to skate at an early age, and in the winter months you can do so most delightfully along the Lendkanal, which connects the university to the town by the shortest route. This means that anyone can become an ice princess or prince on the Lendkanal. Those who like things a little more sporty can reserve a spot and practise a few shots with an ice hockey stick. The website operated by the Wörthersee Ice Skating Association provides constant updates (in German) on authorised ice rinks and skating facilities: