Things students can be doing at home right now

No lectures, no get-togethers with friends, no study evenings with fellow students, no shopping trips, hairdressing appointments or sports classes – the coronavirus is seriously restricting our social lives at the moment. But that doesn’t mean we can’t use our time at home productively!

Here are some tips for students to help pass the time:

  • Attend courses online: Many lecturers have online courses including some that allow you to participate interactively. This helps to top up your ECTS credits and puts you in (digital) contact with others.
  • Prepare for exams: After all, a postponed exam is not a cancelled exam – soon, exams will start up again, so you can get your notes in order now, reread the most important texts and replenish your supply of highlighter pens.
  • Write term papers: This is a great time to finally finish the work you have been putting off. With no distractions and no urgent appointments, the paper practically writes itself.
  • Learn sign language: On the webpage of the project “SpreadtheSign” of the Faculty Centre for Sign Language and Deaf Communication (ZGH) you will find an encyclopaedia with over 15,000 (German) signed videos.
  • Finally learn to cook: Mensa, Uniwirt and the kebap joint are all closed, so it’s time to crack open Grandma’s cookbook and experiment with new recipes. (P.S. For emergencies: Delivery services can still deliver food.)
  • Make photo albums: At last you have plenty of time to go through the 7,375 photos on your smartphone and compile a digital or analogue photo album. Positive side effect: looking at holiday photos helps make the feeling of isolation more bearable!
  • Online shopping (using Carinthian stores): There is no risk of infection, but the benefits for regional businesses are huge.
  • That 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle is finally about to be completed.
  • Sleep.

Stay home, stay safe!