ICS Presentations at CAiSE2020

From 8th to 12th June the 32nd edition of the CAiSE conference take place, hosted by the Laboratory of Informatics of Grenoble (LIG) at University of Grenoble Alpes (UGA, France). Because of coronavirus pandemic, the (more than 1000) participants all over the world met each other online.

O.Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Eder was one of the speakers at the opening conference and presented, together with Univ.-Ass. Dipl.Ing. Marco Franceschetti, two papers about current results:

  • Scheduling Processes without Sudden Termination. (Eder, J., Franceschetti, M., Lubas, J.)
  • Designing Decentralized Business Processes with Temporal Constraints. (Franceschetti, M., Eder, J.)

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Prof. Dr. Johann Eder one of the Editors of the Publication ‘Advances in Databases and Information Systems’

Advances in Databases and Information Systems.

23rd European Conference, ADBIS 2019, Bled, Slovenia, September 8–11, 2019, Proceedings.

Editors: Welzer, T., Eder, J., Podgorelec, V., Kamišalić Latifić, A.

This book constitutes the proceedings of the 23rd European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems, ADBIS 2019, held in Bled, Slovenia, in September 2019.

The 27 full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 103 submissions. The papers cover a wide range of topics from different areas of research in database and information systems technologies and their advanced applications from theoretical foundations to optimizing index structures. They focus on data mining and machine learning, data warehouses and big data technologies, semantic data processing, and data modeling. They are organized in the following topical sections: data mining; machine learning; document and text databases; big data; novel applications; ontologies and knowledge management; process mining and stream processing; data quality; optimization; theoretical foundation and new requirements; and data warehouses.

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New Colleague @ IAS

Portrait: Martin Stettinger
Martin Stettinger

We are very happy to wel­come our new coll­eague Martin Stett­inger in the Depart­ment of In­for­matics Systems. Martin has fin­i­shed his PhD in In­for­ma­tics at the Graz Uni­ver­sity of Tech­no­lo­gy. He started his work in the Inter­active Sys­tems re­search group in Jan­uary 2020 in the Mass Cust­om­i­zation 4.0 pro­ject. Martin will focus his work on the de­ve­lop­ment of inno­va­tive pro­ducts and serv­ices to sup­port small and medium-sized enter­pri­ses (SME) in ques­tions of mass cust­om­i­zation. Regard­ing ser­vices, tools are de­ve­loped to sur­vey the status of know­ledge in mass cust­o­mi­zation on the one hand, and to train comp­anies to extend their know­ledge in this do­main on the other hand. Regard­ing pro­ducts, Martin and coll­eagues will deve­lop a smart home con­fi­gu­rator to en­able SME to cust­o­mize the sys­tems and pro­ducts they offer to the cust­omers’ needs. The con­fi­gu­rator will con­sist of two main parts: an AI-based back­end and an appro­pri­ate user in­ter­faces that allow cust­omers to easily convey their needs to the supplier (the SMEs).

New Colleague @ IAS

We are very happy to welcome our new colleague Mahmoud Sadeghi in the Department of Informatics Systems. Mahmoud Sadeghi starts his work in the Interactive Systems research group in October, 2019.

Mass Customization 4.0 – New Research Project Starting in Fall 2019

Gerhard Leitner starts working on a new project in the area of intelligent user interfaces/recommender technologies together with Cipriano Forza (Project Coordinator) from the University of Padova/Campus Vicenza.

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AYUDO – New Research Project Starting in October

Gerhard Leitner starts working on new healthcare project together with colleagues Claudia Steinberger (Project Coordinator), Christian Kop, and Peter Schartner from the Department of Applied Informatics.
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Ekaterina Königstorfer’s Bachelor Thesis Presented at Workshop at CHI 2019 (Glasgow, United Kingdom)

Ekaterina Königstorfer, who graduated in Fall 2018, wrote her bachelor thesis with the Interactive Systems Group (Department of Informatics Systems) on Human-Drone-Interaction. An abridged version of her thesis was presented on May 5 at the International workshop on Human-Drone Interaction of CHI 2019 in Glasgow. Congratulations!

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How we communicate with machines

Research on human-machine-interaction has advanced significantly in recent years according to computer scientist David Ahlström. He spoke to us about stumbling blocks and future potential for improvement.

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Presentation of research results at the 34th IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution

Veit Frick, Christoph Wedenig, and Martin Pinzger from the software engineering research group (ISYS/SERG) are presenting their results on helping software developers to better understand changes in the source code and their impact at the 34th IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution, in Madrid, Spain. The two publications are “Generating Accurate and Compact Edit Scripts using Tree Differencing” and “DiffViz: A Diff Algorithm Independent Visualization Tool for Edit Scripts”.

Preprints of the publications are available at: https://serg.aau.at/bin/view/Main/Publications

Martin Pinzger has been elevated to an IEEE Senior Member.

Martin Pinzger has been elevated to an IEEE Senior Member. IEEE is one of the world’s largest professional associations for the advancement of technology. Only less than 9% of the more than 400,000 members hold this grade, which requires significant professional maturity and achievements.

Martin joined IEEE as a student member in 2001 and since then has been serving on the program committee of several major IEEE conferences in software engineering, such as ICSE, ASE, and FSE. He also served as the general chair of the IEEE SANER 2017.