Manuel Ludwig Lexer: Collaborating with ambitious young professionals like Mohamed is particularly exhilarating

Manuel Ludwig Lexer is a Senior Manager at Infineon Technologies. In our interview, he shared his perspective on mentoring Mohamed Salem, one of the Technology Scholarship holders and AAU alumnus, and his path from intern to full-time employee of the company.

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Prof. Kyandoghere Kyamakya: The success of scholarship recipients is envisioned to elevate Klagenfurt as a renowned hub for technological education and innovation

Academic supervisor of Technology Scholarship holders studying Master’s degree programme in Information and Communication Engineering, Prof. Kyandoghere Kyamakya offers his viewpoint on the pivotal role of the scholarship programme in shaping the future of both students and the regional ICT labour market. Read more

Mohamed Salem: My Technology Scholarship was a catalyst for an incredible journey of personal and professional transformation

Last year we had the pleasure to introduce Mohamed Salem, a Technology Scholarship holder from Egypt, who successfully graduated from the Master’s degree in Information and Communications Engineering at AAU. We take now the opportunity to interview him again to follow up on his career development in the Carinthian ICT sector and reflect on how he has benefited from his experience as a Technology Scholarship holder.

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Bernhard Dieber: Natyra has impressed us right from the start

Bernhard Dieber is a Director of Software Development at Dynatrace. In our interview, he shared his perspective on mentoring Natyra Ferati, one of the Technology Scholarship holders and AAU alumna, and her path from intern to full-time employee of the company.


Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your current position at Dynatrace?

I studied Applied Informatics in Klagenfurt and completed my PhD in Information Technology. Prior to my current role as the Director of Software Development at Dynatrace, I devoted several years to research. In this position, I bear the responsibility for multiple teams in terms of creating the ideal environment to be productive, grow personally and make long-lasting contributions to the Dynatrace product.

To accomplish this, I focus on assembling teams with the right blend of talent, ensuring individuals have the opportunity for career development as well as personal growth, and actively seeking out the best talent to propel our organizational growth. Guided by these principles, I am committed to fostering an atmosphere where each team member not only thrives individually but also contributes meaningfully to our collective success at Dynatrace.

A former Technology Scholarship holder, Ms Natyra Ferati, started her Master’s thesis project at Dynatrace. Today, she is a full-time employee with the company. As her mentor and supervisor, could you briefly describe her professional path from your perspective and what it is like to work with ambitious young professionals?

Natyra has impressed us right from the start with her strong dedication towards developing the best user experience. I still remember my interview with her and how much enthusiasm she showed for making the use of a digital product an experience for the user. We identified a perfectly fitting Master’s thesis topic for her in our lab. Natyra developed an impressive prototype for automating design handoffs, thus making the job for UX designers as well as developers easier resulting in an increased experience for our users. Natyra’s attitude towards her work was very enjoyable to witness as she could dig very deep into her topic while at the same time being able to produce tangible results.

Already during her thesis work, Natyra demonstrated that she will be a perfect long-term fit for Dynatrace and that she has a lot of potential for further development. It turned out that the team that hosted Natyra for her Master’s thesis was already a nicely fitting homebase for her. Thus, we were more than happy to offer Natyra to stay with us, which turned out to be a great win for all involved.

Since joining Dynatrace, Natyra has continued to make noteworthy contributions to our product, solidifying her status as a valued and well-liked member of our lab. Recently, Natyra has supervised a six-month internship for an AAU student who was working on extending Natyra’s Master’s thesis project. Overall, Natyra’s journey with us has been marked by success and collaboration, ultimately exemplifying a win-win situation for all parties involved.

In general, working with young talents is one of the most enjoyable aspects of a leadership position as it allows me to witness the spark of creativity and enthusiasm that these individuals bring to the team. It is fulfilling to support them in their professional and personal development and to participate in shaping the future leaders of our organization. The vibrant energy and fresh perspectives they inject into our work environment make the journey of leading young talents a truly rewarding and uplifting endeavour.

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Thanks to the University of Klagenfurt Technology Scholarships programme, many qualified and motivated students from all over the world have been able to take up studies at AAU and start internships at local ICT companies. Could you tell us more about career opportunities Technology Scholarship holders have at Dynatrace?

Dynatrace offers a broad range of career options. The most common place to start their career for Technology Scholarship holders is a development team. Another opportunity is to grow in the Dynatrace Academy programme and learn all the necessary skills hands-on that they will need to be successful later-on. Aside from a fulfilling career in a development team, one can pursue into different career tracks including product and people leadership. Dynatrace offers a broad range of support and personal development opportunities including leadership programmes, communication and agile coaching or mentoring programmes. Our guiding principle is to find the best role for everyone and equip them with the knowledge and skills to be successful.

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In your opinion, why is the regional labor market attractive for highly qualified ICT graduates?

Carinthia presents an exceptional quality of life complemented by a dynamic ICT community. You are never more than a few minutes away from the next mountain or lake, you are very close to the sea and the region offers excellent leisure possibilities. Combine this with exciting challenges in a high-tech job and you have everything you are looking for.