Physical and sexual violence in dating among adolescents: How effective are prevention programs?

Studies show that physical and sexual violence often occurs in teen dating relationships: according to current data, the incidence is around 20 percent for physical violence and around 10 percent for sexual violence. A research team at the University of Klagenfurt has recently conducted a meta-analysis to investigate the extent to which prevention programs work. The results have now been presented in JAMA Pediatrics.

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Learning from the Chinese experiences

Xiang Zhao conducts research on health psychology at the University of Klagenfurt. We spoke to him about how China handled COVID-19. Among other things, Zhao recommends more precise instructions to the population.

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Finding the water bottle, but missing the small weapon: Research on the role of the working memory during hand luggage checks at the airport

Visual search allows humans to identify certain objects: For example, a doctor can recognise dangerous anomalies in x-ray images, or airport security staff can use x-ray technology to identify items inside our hand luggage. At the Department of Psychology, Anna Conci, recipient of an ÖAW-DOC scholarship, is studying the influence of the working memory on the search performance. Read more

“We live in a world that needs considerably more wisdom than it currently exhibits.”: A handbook dealing with research on wisdom has just come out

Weighing in at just over 800 pages, the recently published Cambridge Handbook of Wisdom was edited by Robert J. Sternberg (Cornell University) and Judith Glück (University of Klagenfurt). The handbook offers an overview of the state of research on wisdom, an area of study that is still something of a rarity at universities, and presents various perspectives describing how a greater understanding of wisdom could contribute to a better world.

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A new program supports the mental health of children in Southeast Europe

Nearly half of all psychological disorders can be traced back to the early years of the affected individuals, i.e. to the time before they reached the age of 14. In adulthood, this frequently leads to chronic illnesses, which may in turn exert negative effects on the individuals’ social lives, economic productivity and quality of life. A new project supported by H2020 (European Union) aims to prevent the occurrence of these illnesses during the childhood years. The project’s geographical focus lies on Southeast Europe.

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Narzissmus in den Chefetagen

Neid am Arbeitsplatz kann unterschiedliche Ursachen haben: die Unternehmenskultur, knappe Ressourcen im Unternehmen, die eigene Persönlichkeit oder aber der vorherrschende Führungsstil. Eine Studie zeigt nun die Wechselwirkungen von Neid, kontraproduktivem Arbeitsverhalten und narzisstischen Führungskräften.

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New research project: What happens between psychotherapy appointments?

A psychotherapy appointment generally lasts for 50 minutes and is typically scheduled once a week. Psychotherapy research indicates that relevant processes are also taking place between therapy sessions. These are the subject of a new investigation by a research team around Professor Sylke Andreas and PhD-Student Thorsten-Christian Gablonski that is supported by the Anniversary Fund of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank, with the aim to use the findings to develop an application capable of recording, monitoring and promoting these so-called intersession processes. 

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Berlin: The buffet is abundantly covered!

In conversation with Riccardo Krampl, the psychoanalyst from Carinthian Lavanttal talks about his work and life in Berlin where he moved to in 2010 after finishing his studies in Educational Science and Psychology at the Alpen-Adria-Universtität Klagenfurt. And with him pictures from Carinthia. Read more

Gegen das Vergessen

2017 jährt sich das Ende des Zweiten Weltkriegs zum 72. Mal. Wir stehen damit in einer Zeit, in der Zeitzeuginnen und Zeitzeugen des Nationalsozialismus langsam verschwinden. Ein interdisziplinäres Projekt von JungwissenschaftlerInnen widmet sich insbesondere der Generation jener junger Menschen, die als letzte mit diesen unmittelbaren ZeugInnen in Austausch treten kann. Im Mittelpunkt des Projekts steht die Frage, wie Erinnerungen an den Nationalsozialismus an Jugendliche weitergegeben werden und wie junge Menschen den öffentlichen und privaten Erinnerungsdiskurs mitgestalten. Read more

Einander gut tun

Beziehungen haben Effekte auf die Gesundheit von Menschen. Herrschen Gewalt, Konflikte und Missbrauch vor, werden psychische und physische Krankheiten häufig begünstigt. Die Psychologin Heather Foran bemüht sich um verlässliche Erhebung von familiären Risikofaktoren im Gesundheitssystem, damit Krankheiten besser behandelt werden können.

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