Women and men equally act as barometers for the future of their relationship

Researchers studying mixed-sex relationships have long believed that women have a more acute sense for shaping and predicting future relationship satisfaction. However, this assumption has never been subjected to thorough investigation. An international research team has now analysed the data gathered in two large studies and has reached the following conclusion: There is no difference between the sexes. In both men and women, current satisfaction has an equal influence on future relationship satisfaction.

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Physical and sexual violence in dating among adolescents: How effective are prevention programs?

Studies show that physical and sexual violence often occurs in teen dating relationships: according to current data, the incidence is around 20 percent for physical violence and around 10 percent for sexual violence. A research team at the University of Klagenfurt has recently conducted a meta-analysis to investigate the extent to which prevention programs work. The results have now been presented in JAMA Pediatrics.

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Learning from the Chinese experiences

Xiang Zhao conducts research on health psychology at the University of Klagenfurt. We spoke to him about how China handled COVID-19. Among other things, Zhao recommends more precise instructions to the population.

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Finding the water bottle, but missing the small weapon: Research on the role of the working memory during hand luggage checks at the airport

Visual search allows humans to identify certain objects: For example, a doctor can recognise dangerous anomalies in x-ray images, or airport security staff can use x-ray technology to identify items inside our hand luggage. At the Department of Psychology, Anna Conci, recipient of an ÖAW-DOC scholarship, is studying the influence of the working memory on the search performance. Read more