News published by the University of Klagenfurt concerning the Department of Educational Science

UNESCO Chair “Global Citizenship Education – Culture of Diversity and Peace“ at the University of Klagenfurt: “The world is bigger than the familiar unit that is the nation state.”

The Mediterranean Sea is significantly warmer than it was just a few years ago, and at the same time heavy storms are also becoming more frequent in Austria. The example of climate change provides compelling evidence that national unilateral action and outdated recipes are no match for current global challenges. Hans Karl Peterlini has held the UNESCO Chair “Global Citizenship Education – Culture of Diversity and Peace” since 2020 and he emphasises: “We are increasingly dealing with existential issues that cannot be tackled by national governments alone.”

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Moving out at 18 and then dealing with life by yourself? New project examines the importance of family for care leavers

Care leavers – these are young people who grow up outside the family in child and youth welfare care and who embark on the path to adulthood from there – often experience the transition to independence at the age of 18 as very abrupt. While other young adults can usually count on the support of their family for many years to come, many care leavers often find themselves alone. A research project is investigating the role of the family and social networks in the transition to adulthood. Researchers are currently analysing initial data from the interviews.

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“Education is our greatest asset, but anything but self-evident.”

Marie-Theres Grillitsch from Lavanttal moved to Klagenfurt for her studies. She completed her bachelor’s degree in educational science and then the master’s degree in adult and vocational education. In the interview she tells us why her time at university has shaped her sense of civil society commitment and why she did not choose Vienna. Read more