Muhammad Nawaz Tunio defended successfully his Doctoral Thesis

Muhammad Nawaz Tunio defended successfully his Doctoral Thesis, November 16, 2020. His dissertation topic was about university graduates in the Pakistan region of Hyderabad who started with an own firm. Muhammad Tunio has been a member of the Doctoral Tracks Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Development. Evaluators of the thesis were Professor Robert Hisrich (Kent State University, Ohio) and Dieter Bögenhold. Professor Robert Hisrich und Professor Reinhard Neck (University of Klagenfurt) served as examiners in the defensio which was chaired by Professor Max-Peter Menzel (University of Klagenfurt).

The Department congratulates Muhammad Tunio for his achievements! We wish him further successful steps in his career.

TV interview with Professor Dieter Bögenhold

Dieter Bögenhold participated in a TV interview at the Carinthia Private TV Channel KT1 on superstition (Aberglaube), October 4, 2010. See the full interview here: Unglaublicher Aberglaube

“ There is a desire to ‘improve’ something in the interest of others, without actually knowing what those interests are.”

In the Western world we are very quick to demand specific ethical criteria relating to working conditions. However, the Pakistani sociologist Farah Naz, who earned her doctorate at the University of Klagenfurt and now researches and teaches at the University of Sargodha, raises the following issue: Before judging child labour and home-based work, we should understand the living and working conditions of the families concerned. Together with sociology professor Dieter Bögenhold, she has published a book with the title “Unheard Voices”. The publication forges links between the work of Pakistani football stitchers and the great global inequalities. The two authors discuss the main ideas of their book in this interview.

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Great news! “Contemporary Entrepreneurship. Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Innovation and Growth” (published by D. Bögenhold, J. Bonnet, M. Dejardin and D. Garcia Prerez de Lima, Springer International, 2016) has exceeded 20,000 downloads!

Chapter contributions (University of Klagenfurt):

  • D. Bögenhold,
  • R. Breitenecker,
  • J. Langer,
  • F. Naz,
  • E. Schwarz,
  • Z. Parastuty

Book Cover Contemporary Entrepreneurship


The flip side of self-employment

The sociologist Dieter Bögenhold is advocating a critical discourse on the functions and effects of self-employment on national economies. After all, not all that glistens is gold when it comes to labour market statistics.

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The ball is out of play

In Madrid, Barcelona or Munich, millionaires attempt to kick balls into goals. The same balls are produced for just a few cents in China, India, Pakistan and Thailand. Global markets insist on ethical standards for the countries of production, and yet these very same standards threaten existences in the affected countries. For her doctoral thesis, Farah Naz examined football production in Pakistan. In this interview, she tells us why it is important to think in shades of grey, rather than in black and white.

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Patience and perseverance on the journey to entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs with Pakistani, Indian and Afghan roots are at the centre of Muhammad Zubair’s research efforts. He studies the socio-economic impact of entrepreneurs from migrant backgrounds. To this end, he set off from Pakistan to pursue his research and to work in this country.

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Wirtschaft ist soziales Handeln: Artikel untersucht die Perspektiven von Schumpeter, Veblen und Bourdieu

Der Artikel, der von Dieter Bögenhold (Institut für Soziologie) gemeinsam mit den Athenern Panayotis G. Michaelides und Theofanis Papageorgiou veröffentlicht wurde, fokussiert auf die konzeptionelle Beziehung zwischen Schumpeter, Veblen und Bordieu. Das Paper gehört mittlerweile laut RePEc, einem zentralen Index wirtschaftswissenschaftlicher Arbeiten, zu den meist-downgeloadeten Werken und hat in November 2016 den vierten Platz in den Downloads aller Forschungsartikel in der Welt erreicht.

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