“Be bold with what you want to achieve”

Michael Riegler studied Information Management at the University of Klagenfurt and is now a Research Professor within Artificial Intelligence in Oslo, Norway. In the interview, he talks about how his experiences abroad have shaped him, why he would definitely advise today’s students to go abroad and how his Bachelor’s thesis provided the initial spark for a later career in research. Read more

Margareta Ciglič: The wonderful world of Informatics.

Our graduate Margareta Ciglič discovered her passion for Computer Science while studying Applied Business Administration and decided to study both in parallel. We chatted with her about how all this came about, what her subsequent path at the university and at Kelag Energie has been like, and what is drawing her back to the lecture halls of the University of Klagenfurt in the upcoming summer semester. Read more

Bringing the connection between technology and management to life

Erlfried Taurer is CEO of Constantia Industries AG and was voted one of the most powerful industrial managers in Austria by the Industriemagazin trade journal in 2014. Mr Taurer has built up his success from scratch: a portrait of an inquisitive mind.

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I can’t keep away from the subject of internationalisation

Meinrad Höfferer is Divisional Manager for Foreign Trade and International Relations at the Carinthian Chamber of Commerce. Listening skills, a solution-oriented approach, communication skills and the ability to transfer knowledge are among the key attributes needed for his career. A portrait of a busy man.

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Business administration and music – how do they fit together?

Andreas Schaffer studied Applied Business Administration at AAU as well as Instrumental and Vocal Pedagogy at the Carinthian State Conservatory. He is now Director of the Gustav Mahler Musikschule Klagenfurt music school, as well as being a flautist and conductor of various ensembles. In an interview, he explains how he benefits from business administration as a musician, what he likes about his job in particular and why you should always have the courage to oppose other opinions and stand up for your own.

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A reunion with Solveig Menard-Galli

Solveig Menard-Galli studied Applied Business Administration at AAU and is now the CFO of the Clay Building Materials Europe business unit at Wienerberger AG. In an interview with ad astra, she explains how the world of work has changed in Controlling, why she values knowledge sharing with students so highly and what differences there are between the corporate cultures in Austria and the Netherlands.

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Fall down, stand up, straighten your crown & carry on: Looking at failure among entrepreneurs

Zulaicha Parastuty investigates how entrepreneurs exit from companies:  Her studies have revealed different circumstances and effects in relation to the affected individuals. She is due to complete her doctoral thesis on this subject in the spring.

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The ball is out of play

In Madrid, Barcelona or Munich, millionaires attempt to kick balls into goals. The same balls are produced for just a few cents in China, India, Pakistan and Thailand. Global markets insist on ethical standards for the countries of production, and yet these very same standards threaten existences in the affected countries. For her doctoral thesis, Farah Naz examined football production in Pakistan. In this interview, she tells us why it is important to think in shades of grey, rather than in black and white.

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