HUAWEI Technology Scholarships at the University of Klagenfurt

Innovative programmes for the promotion of excellent Master’s students are being developed within the framework of the cooperation with HUAWEI Austria. Thanks to HUAWEI’s support, the University of Klagenfurt has now launched the new HUAWEI Technology Scholarships to encourage excellent Master’s students from the Faculty of Technical Sciences. We have also introduced the HUAWEI Best Performer Awards, which honour students who have achieved an outstanding academic performance. Together, these two programmes further enhance the attractiveness of the technical degree programmes in Klagenfurt.

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University of Klagenfurt joins Huawei Seeds for the Future programme as new partner university

The University of Klagenfurt has joined the Seeds for the Future Programme for the first time this year. This format allows Huawei to promote the networking of cultures and international cooperation in our increasingly digitalised world. Intercultural understanding and knowledge are the keys to success. With the “Seeds for the Future” programme, Huawei wants to promote precisely this and this year the corporation invites young IT talents from the University of Klagenfurt to apply for the programme.

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Klagenfurt student Sebastian Uitz plans to launch a start-up for computer game development featuring feel-good games

Sebastian Uitz has played games on the computer from a very early age. Supported by a grant from the Carinthian Economic Development Fund KWF, he is now turning this passion into his business model. Together with two colleagues, he is building an innovative computer game that revolves around a spider and its distinctive climbing and web-building abilities. This so-called “wholesome game” is expected to be available on the international games market from mid-2023 onwards. By then, the team also hopes to have set up its own company.

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Dynatrace announces award for the best Bachelor‘s and Master‘s thesis

Dynatrace is inviting students and graduates of the University of Klagenfurt to participate in the award for the best Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis in the IT field. The prizes will be awarded for the first time this year and will be announced annually from now on. Read more