Registration for Master's degree programmes

How do I register for a Master’s degree programme?

It’s easy: with our step-by-step guide you can soon start studying at the University of Klagenfurt!

Log in to the University of Klagenfurt’s website and register now.

Create your profile and make sure to fill in all fields marked with an asterisk (*).

Are you an EU or EEA citizen?

You can apply for admission at any time. However, actual enrolment is only possible during the admission periods.

You come from outside the EU or the EEA?

The application for admission to a Master’s degree programme must be received in its entirety by 30 June for admission for the winter semester or, respectively, by 30 November for the summer semester.

You can hand in your application personally or send it by post to:

University of Klagenfurt
Admissions and Examinations Office
Universitätsstraße 65-67
9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

Information on the required documents can be found on the website Admission to Master’s degree programme.

If your application is approved, you will receive an admission letter by e-mail. You can then enrol at the Admissions and Examinations Office during the admission period.

Please book an appointment for your personal enrolment. You can find more information on the website of the Admissions and Examinations Office.

Your student life at the University of Klagenfurt

The University of Klagenfurt has a lot to offer: Excellent degree programmes, a campus surrounded by greenery, an international atmosphere and many people who support you in your studies.

Look forward to an exciting time studying, laughing and learning together, and everything else that is part of real student life!

As a state university in Austria, the University of Klagenfurt can offer your study programme free of charge. There are no university fees for you as an EU citizen (except the ÖH student union fee of around € 20 per semester).

There are various ways in which you can finance your studies. The University of Klagenfurt offers several scholarship programmes and grants that will make your student life easier.

Apply for the Klagenfurt Scholarship or our Master Technology Scholarships!

The University of Klagenfurt is located in the west of the city of Klagenfurt in close proximity to Lake Wörthersee. The infrastructure offers everything you need for your perfect time at university: short distances, modern buildings, a large library, and fantastic leisure and cultural opportunities.  It only takes 5 minutes to get to the lake and 15 minutes to reach the city centre by bike.

As a student, there are many options for living close to campus! If you like to be surrounded by lots of people while still enjoying plenty of space to yourself, a student dorm is the right choice for you. Several dorms are located in the immediate vicinity of the campus, which means you can reach the lecture hall in just two minutes.

Would you prefer to live alone or in a shared apartment? That’s not a problem either! There are affordable accommodation options in Klagenfurt, even for students. Klagenfurt is one of the larger cities in Austria that still offers reasonable costs of living and accommodation. Rooms in student dorms or shared apartments as well as small studio flats can be rented for between € 200 and € 500.

This is why the University of Klagenfurt belongs to the top universities in the world…

  • 38 students to 1 professor!

    Here, you are more than a number! At the University of Klagenfurt, the average number of students per professor is 38. In other words, you are not a mere number here, instead you are individually known, challenged and supported by our teaching staff.

  • 100 nations come together on our campus!

    Here, you will meet people from all over the world and make international contacts! Around 30 per cent of our 12,000 students come from abroad.

  • 250 partner universities from all over the world!

    With our 250 partner universities worldwide you can easily spend semesters abroad, complete internships and attend summer schools around the globe.

  • We excel in rankings!

    The University of Klagenfurt belongs to the top 2 % of the best universities in the world. Numerous researchers are international luminaries in their fields.

Do you have questions? We will be happy to answer them!

Admissions and Examinations Office

Phone: +43 463 2700 9111

E-mail: studienabteilung [at] aau [dot] at

Student Guidance Service

Phone: +43 463 2700 9325

E-mail: studieninfo [at] aau [dot] at

WhatsApp: +43 664 963 31 09

The University of Klagenfurt: fabulous and great!

Explore our campus!