Inter-/Transcultural Competences


Inteer-/Transkompetenzen Broschüre

Our programme about intercultural and transcultural competences offers people to extend and reflect their knowledge about issues in-between cultures. With a scope of 32 ECTS over 2 semesters, interested people can deepen their knowledge about diversity on a theoretical and practical level. Beyond a focus on these issues on a global level, topics that arise within the context of the Alps-Adriatic region are also discussed. Beyond theoretical input, students also get to work on a practical project to apply their understanding of intercultural practices.


Insights into the Extension Curriculum ‘Transdisciplinary Peace Studies’

If you hold a bachelor’s degree and are interested in extending your knowledge in the field of peace studies with a transdisciplinary focus, then the curriculum at the University of Klagenfurt might be the right thing for you. Since October 10th, you can take part in the programme over the course of two semesters and earn 32 ECTS in 8 different classes.

For more information (in German), you can visit the following page to get a detailed overview of what you can expect:

The Connection Between Science and Power

Science and power are tightly connected. In this podcast, Claudia Brunner, associate Professor for peace studies and peace education at the University of Klagenfurt talk about how the relationship between science and power works and what implications epistemic violence has in the field of science and for society.

Find the podcast here.

Conference Announcement: Human Rights Go Local

The International Centre for the Promotion of Human Rights at the Local and Regional Levels under the auspices of UNESCO and the UNESCO Chair in Human Rights and Human Security at the University of Graz, Austria are hosting an academy and a conference in February, 2022.
The conference is called Human Rights Go Local “From Intentions to Commitments: Towards the Effective and Sustainable Implementation of Human Rights” and it will be held fully digitally.
The deadline for applications is October 29th, 2021. You can get more information here.

Conference on Peace, Safety, and Non-violence

The conference “Frieden ist möglich – aber sicher!” deals with the question of how can create a nonviolent society and state.

In the face of many of the current crises, such as democracy, refugees, climate, economy, and pandemics, the conference asks questions about the challenges connected to the relationship of peace and safety: How much peace and security do we need and how can we achieve those goals?

The program includes an opening event with a short film, talks and discussions, workshops and more.

Further information can be found here.

UNESCO COVID-19 Education Response

With the COVID pandemic universities had to close and switch teaching and education to digital spaces. This had quite the impact on higher education and students alike and posed a lot of challenges. In order to assess the impact that the pandemic had on higher education, UNESCO conducted a survey and presents its finding in a very insight report.

You can look at the report here.

DCMÈT Chair Symposium Videos

Hans Karl Peterlini has just been invited to the Network Committee of the DCMÈT Chair and he also recently participated in their symposium on “Democracy, Global Citizenship and Transformative Education: New Perspectives to Understand, Engage and Act Together”.

If you are interested in taking a look at what the symposium had to offer, you can look at their website or check out their YouTube channel, where all sessions have been uploaded for you to look at.

Hans Karl Peterlini’s talk about “Transformative Learning” can be found here, and if you’d like to learn more about him personally and professionally, there is another short video on him.

Gene Award for our Academic Programme

We are proud to announce that we are among the awardees for the “GENE Global Education Awardees 2020/2021: Quality and good practice in Global Education across Europe”!
Our programme “Global Citizenship and Education has been given the award and we’re looking forward to putting the prize money to good use!

You can find out more on the GENE award on their website.

APCEIU Annual Report

The APCEIU – Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding – has just published its 2020 annual review on the topic of ‘Fostering Global Citizenship For a Peaceful and Sustainable Future’. In the report, you can find information on programmes, workshops as well as partnerships and networks in connection with Global Citizenship Education.

The programme can be found here.

Call for Papers – Workshop: Peace Research, Peace Education and (De)Coloniality

The workshop on Peace Research, Peace Education and (De)Coloniality is taking place from October 27th to October 29th, 2021 in Klagenfurt (or online).

Find attached the call for papers (in German).