Fewer empty kilometres on Austria’s railways

At present, an ÖBB dispatcher still has to manually assign empty freight wagons to requests from clients. The aim of the project “Partially Automated Empty Wagon Dispatching” is to support this process with software that suggests optimal utilisation. The research forms part of the TARO project, with which ÖBB aims to leverage automation and digitalisation to increase its capacities, boost productivity and thereby ensure high quality.

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Irene Tubikanec wins Kepler Award for Excellent Teaching

Congratulations to Irene Tubikanec, who was awarded for the “Kepler Student Award for Excellent Teaching” at JKU Linz.

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Using mathematics and statistics to make self-driving cars more reliable

Lukas Sommeregger’s research focuses on developing methods to determine the lifespan of computer chips. The doctoral student, who also works at Infineon, recently received the Infineon Innovation Award.

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STWU – Scientific-Technological Workshop for Ukrainian Youth University of Klagenfurt, Department of Mathematics, 19–21 July 2022

A three-day scientific-technological workshop for Ukrainian youth (ages 14–17) took place at the University of Klagenfurt on 19–21 July 2022. It was organized by Iryna Vasylieva and Andrei Asinowski of Department of Mathematics. The event included lectures, interactive workshops, and problem-solving sessions in Mathematics, Robotics, and Computer science on the following topics:

  • Combinatorial methods for sudoku (Andrei Asinowski, Mathematics),
  • Geometric puzzles (Iryna Vasylieva, Mathematics),
  • The single-board computer Micro:bit and using it for controlling the Bit:bot robot (Dina Ramazanova, Informatics Didactics), click here for a video!
  • Error-correcting codes and and algorithms for check digits (Benjamin Hackl, Mathematics).

Additionally, the workshop included a quiz about Carinthia, Klagenfurt, and the University of Klagenfurt. The event was attended by six participants form different places in Carinthia (Klagenfurt, Villach, Feldkirchen, St. Jakob im Rosental, Keutschach, Glödnitz). The financial support by the government of Carinthia is highly appreciated by the organizers and the participants.