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The Digital Age Research Center (D!ARC) conducts specialised, internationally visible, interdisciplinary research and teaching on digitalisation and connects respective activities of all faculties and centres of the University of Klagenfurt.

It is the core and driving force of the university-wide research area “Humans in the Digital Age” and aims not only to investigate the diverse developments of the digital age in various areas of society, but also to actively shape them.

The profile of the D!ARC is characterised by a combination of multiple perspectives. In addition to technological aspects, it also illuminates social, cultural, legal, economic and behavioural aspects in their interconnectedness and their mediation of the digital.

The D!ARC represents a consciously designed diversity of methods. A combination of different approaches and epistemic viewpoints enables critical, well-founded data expertise and innovative perspectives on current digital phenomena.

The Digital Age Research Center (D!ARC)  is home to three research groups and a doctoral school.

Digital Culture

Digital Culture deals with people and society in the digital age, with a focus on digitalisation, datafication, Big Data, data ethics, algorithms and artificial intelligence.

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The research group for Computational Linguistics focuses on the automated processing of natural language. Computational linguistics is an interdisciplinary research field within artificial intelligence that combines methods from both linguistics and computer science.

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Cybersecurity is a vast area and touches both on offensive as well as defensive techniques. An overarching theme though is the concern of information leakage from systems that deploy cryptographic defenses.

Conferences held

We would like to draw your attention to the conference Everyday Life and Culture(s) of Digitality: Perspectives on Sociocultural Change from (Empirical) Cultural Studies (18 – 20 May), which is co-organized by the D!ARC.

Please find more details here (German)

Upcoming D!ARC Lectures

Engineering Turn: Digitalisierung von Wissenschaft als Nebenfolge komplexer Problemlösungsprozesse?

December 14th  2023           04:00 - 05:30 pm     …

Upcoming D!ARC Network

Doctoral School Decide

The doctoral school “Decision-Making in a Digital Environment (DECIDE)” deals with decision-making behaviour in the digital age: It is about the influence of digital technologies on human decision-making behaviour, about the question of how opinions are formed in (social) networks, about new technological possibilities of decision support in the sense of Insight, but also about the possibilities and limits of technical systems that make autonomous decisions. Answering such questions requires an interdisciplinary team that integrates economic, technical and psychological perspectives.


Michael WiegandFoto: Daniel Waschnig
Michael WiegandFoto: Daniel Waschnig
Michael WiegandFoto: Daniel Waschnig
Michael WiegandFoto: Daniel Waschnig
Michael WiegandFoto: Daniel Waschnig


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