Three members of SERG are attending the International Conference of Software Engineering (ICSE) 2024 in Lisbon, Portugal. They will present two doctoral symposium papers, chair the MSR MIP award session, and receive an ICSE Distinguished Reviewer award.

Internship @Infineon

Master Thesis at Infineon, Villach – Job Offer

All details to be found here: Infineon-Internship-Planning.

Paper on partition-based semantic differencing accepted by JSS

Our paper PASDA: A Partition-based Semantic Differencing Approach with Best Effort Classification of Undecided Cases by Johann Glock, Josef Pichler, and Martin Pinzger has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Systems and Software (JSS). The online version of the paper is available as open access.

Paper on a benchmarking suite for robotics accepted at ICRA 2024

Our paper RobotPerf: An Open-Source, Vendor-Agnostic, Benchmarking Suite for Evaluating Robotics Computing System Performance by V. M. Vilches, J. Jabbour, Y.-S. Hsiao, Z. Wan, A. Martínez-Fariña, M. Crespo-Álvarez, M. Stewart, J. M. Reina-Muñoz, P. Nagras, G. Vikhe, M. Bakhshalipour, M. Pinzger, S. Rass, S. Panigrahi, G. Corradi, N. Roy, P. B. Gibbons, S. M. Neuman, B. Plancher, and V. J. Reddi has been accepted at ICRA 2024 in Yokohama, Japan.