Learning about and from video games

The 2017/18 winter semester at the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt will see the start of the inaugural Master’s degree in “Games Studies and Engineering”, an interdisciplinary degree covering the culture, practical application and technical development of gaming. Humanities lecturer René Reinhold Schallegger – along with Mathias Lux one of the main proponents – has been working on his habilitation thesis looking at the ethical questions involved in video gaming, and ad astra wanted to know more.  Read more

Berlin: The buffet is abundantly covered!

In conversation with Riccardo Krampl, the psychoanalyst from Carinthian Lavanttal talks about his work and life in Berlin where he moved to in 2010 after finishing his studies in Educational Science and Psychology at the Alpen-Adria-Universtität Klagenfurt. And with him pictures from Carinthia. Read more

Think clean!

astra hat mit Nina Hampl über ihre Stiftungsprofessur Nachhaltiges Energiemanagement, die Clean Energy Design Thinking Challenge und die allgemeine Stimmungslage zu erneuerbaren Energien in Österreich gesprochen.

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„Du kannst alles machen“

Aus einem Praktikum in Mexiko wurden mittlerweile mehrere Jahre. Desirée Valeria Ukobitz erzählt, wie es ihr in einem Land wie Mexiko ergeht und warum es sie immer wieder ins Ausland zieht. Read more