Biomass turnover time in ecosystems is halved by land use

In order to improve our understanding of climate change and to increase the predictability of future dynamics, it is necessary to gain a better understanding of the global carbon cycle. To date, little is known about the average time carbon is stored in biomass, before it passes back into atmosphere or soils (biomass turnover time), and the factors influencing this key parameter also remain largely unknown. Now, a new publication in Nature Geoscience shows that biomass turnover time in vegetation is halved as a result of human influence.

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Größte deutschsprachige Fachtagung der Informatik in Klagenfurt

Unter dem Leitthema „Informatik: von Menschen für Menschen“ findet die INFORMATIK 2016 von 26. bis 30. September 2016 in Klagenfurt statt. Read more

Pharmaceutical advertising: A combination of information & emotion produces the best results

A new study, which takes a close look at the acceptance of advertising for non-prescription medications, has recently been published as a comprehensive book publication. The investigation focused on the pharmaceutical markets in the USA, in Germany, Austria and Brazil.

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