Michaela Szölgyenyi in the press portrait: Stochastic processes and their effects

Whether stock prices, electricity prices, or wind farm yields: Michaela Szölgyenyi deals with ubiquitous coincidences and the mathematical tools that can be used to model them as part of her specialty – namely stochastic differential equations.

Our professor Michaela Szölgyenyi was interviewed extensively by the press on this topic. Read the full article again here in the issue of 24.6.2021.

Michaela Szölgyenyi analyzes and improves the mathematical describability of random events

Mathematician Michaela Szölgyenyi does research on “not so well-behaving equations” at the University of Klagenfurt. This can be used to model the behavior of wind turbines, for example.
The press interviewed our professor and reports in a detailed article about her research activities at the Institute of Statistics. Read the full article at pressreader.com.

Kathrin Spendier models time-dependent processes

Kathrin Spendier models time-dependent processes using stochastic differential equations. She is among the first doctoral students of our FWF doc.funds doctoral school “Modeling -Analysis – Optimization of discrete, continuous, and stochastic systems”.

The Austrian journal “Falter” reports on her research activities at the Institute of Statistics in its issue of 26 May 2021. Read the full article on Falter.at (only available in German).

Carinthian of the Day

Kathrin Spendier from the Institute of Statistics at the University of Klagenfurt and member of the Austrian Science Fund FWF doc.funds doctoral school Modeling—Analysis—Optimization is Carinthian of the Day!

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“ Pure logic, which surprises me again and again”

Kathrin Spendier is one of the first doctoral students to participate in the FWF doc.funds doctoral programme on “Modeling – Analysis – Optimization of discrete, continuous, and stochastic systems”. She talked to us about the fascination mathematics holds for her, and what goals she wants to achieve with her research.

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Technical mathematics is more than adding 0 and multiplying by 1

Celina Strasser has always loved puzzles. Mathematics was already her favourite subject during her school days. Celina Strasser is currently studying Technical Mathematics at the University of Klagenfurt. She talked to us about outdated ways of thinking, the gender gap in technical areas, clichés in mathematics and her passion for modelling, optimising and programming.

Read the full interview on our German website

Successful admission to the Young Scientists Mentoring Program

We are pleased to inform you about the successful admission of Postdoc-Ass. Dr. Ercan Sönmez M.Sc. and Mag. Waqas Shabbir M.Phil., M.Sc., B.Sc. to the Young Scientists Mentoring Programs 2020/21.

Both have successfully presented their fields of research and are now being supported with one-to-one mentorings and career coachings.

Funding for 14 PhD students in the field of optimization in FWF doc.funds project

The approval of this project represents a milestone in the success story of the Departments of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Klagenfurt. It’s also a great achievement on the part of the participating professors and particularly for the 32-year-old coordinator, Michaela Szölgyenyi. Starting in October 2020, the project will employ ten young scientists (including eight women), with four more positions yet to be filled. The launch of the doc.funds doctoral school entitled “Modeling – Analysis – Optimization of discrete, continuous, and stochastic systems” will be celebrated on 27 October 2020 with an opening colloquium.

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*Best Performer Award* for Univ.-Ass. Dipl.-Ing. Kathrin Spendier

The Faculty of Technical Sciences would like to honor the outstanding performance of Kathrin Spendier during her studies in Klagenfurt.

On 16 September 2020 she got awarded with the *Best Performer Award* for her great performance during her master’s studies.

Since then Kathrin Spendier continues her great work as a University Assistant and PhD student at the Department of Statistics. We are proud to have her in our team.

Department of Statistics at the Austrian Stochastics Days 2020

Live conferences are very rare those days, but luckily, the 8th Austrian Stochastics Days took place at the University of Graz on September 10 and 11, 2020.

Four members of the Department of Statistics attended the conference and seized the opportunity to listen to interesting talks by colleagues working in stochastics mainly in Austria and to present their own research.

Michaela Szölgyenyi had the honour to give the plenary talk with the title: Stochastic differential equations with irregular coefficients: mind the gap!

Maximilian Arbeiter gave a talk with the title: Pollutant dispersion simulation using a stochastic particle model