Dženana Alagić: „Use the university to expand your horizons, study and enjoy!“

Dženana Alagić recently completed her doctorate in Technical Mathematics. She spoke to us about her research focus and told us why she moved from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Klagenfurt. Furthermore she told us how her view of the world has changed through her studies and why everyone should study at the University of Klagenfurt.

How do you explain to your neighbor at the garden fence what you are working on?

Well, whenever I say that I studied mathematics, they usually do not ask for any more details.


What do you know now about your research question after your doctoral thesis that you didn’t know before?

I have learned a lot, not only about my specific area of research but also a lot of things from other disciplines, such as material science. In order to deliver a practical solution for a problem, it is important to consider it from different perspectives and to use all the expert knowledge you can get.


Why did you decide to study at the University of Klagenfurt? Why did you choose Klagenfurt?

A few things contributed to my decision to move to Klagenfurt. After finishing my Bachelor studies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I decided to continue my studies abroad and hopefully stay there. Technical mathematics or more specifically applied statistics was a perfect combination of what I like to do and what is needed on the job market. Besides, my sister lives in Klagenfurt, so that made my decision even easier.


Are there still new things for you to experience at the university?



Why should one study here at the University of Klagenfurt?

Beautiful city, nature and a lot of possibilities for outdoor activities. Technical fields of study usually have a low number of students, which enables the professors to get to know their students, work closely with them and adjust the program and learning paths to their needs.


What would be important advice for new students?

Use the university to expand your horizons, get to know new people, use services at your disposal, study and enjoy!


Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I’m still not ready to answer this question, as I’m not sure in which direction my career will go. Maybe I will be ready to answer it in a couple of years. Let’s see what the future holds.


A few words with…Dženana Alagić

What would you be doing now, if you hadn’t become a scientist?

My whole life I wanted to be a teacher, but after trying it out, I realized it is not something I want to do my whole life. Maybe I would choose another scientific field, but I would definitely still be a scientist.

Do your parents understand what it is you are working on?

Not really.

What’s the first thing you do when you get to the office in the morning?

Check my Outlook.

Do you have proper holidays? Without thinking about your work?

Yes. It’s only in that way that I can recharge my batteries and prepare myself for the new tasks at work.

What makes you furious?

When someone does not fulfill their promises and on top of that, forgets all about it. So, irresponsibility.

And what calms you down?

Playtime with my son.

Who do you regard as the greatest scientist in history, and why?

Nikola Tesla, because he changed the world for the better.

What are you afraid of?

I think that most of us have similar fears that are part of human nature, but as long as we use our fears to bring out the best out of us, we will be fine.

What are you looking forward to?

To spending time with my family.