Foyer der Universität Klagenfurt

Gastvortrag Dr. Tomaž Erjavec und Dr. Nikola Ljubešić: „Good research needs good infrastructure: The CLARIN.SI and CLASSLA options for supporting research on South Slavic languages Practices“

In this talk the European CLARIN and the Slovene CLARIN.SI national infrastructure for language resources and technologies will be presented, as well as its CLASSLA Knowledge centre on South Slavic languages.

The infrastructure and the adjoining knowledge centre offer, among others, the following resources: two concordancers enabling search through 67 corpora of various South Slavic languages, a data repository with 100+ South Slavic datasets, web services currently enabling processing of text written in Slovene, Croatian or Serbian, various training activities, frequently-asked-questions documentation, and a helpdesk which either answers additional questions on the available resources, or gives support in producing or improving language resources and technologies for South Slavic languages.

Nikola Ljubešić (2020) The CLASSLA knowledge centre for South Slavic languages

Tomaž Erjavec (2020) CLARIN.SI infrastructure


Dr. Tomaž Erjavec und Dr. Nikola Ljubešić, Department of Knowledge Technologies Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana

tomaz [dot] erjavec [at] ijs [dot] si