Women of Mathematics: Angelika Wiegele

Country: Austria

Affiliation: Universität Klagenfurt, Austria

Field of Research: combinatorial optimization, semidefinite programming, nonlinear optimization



1.) Why did you choose this formula?

What you see is a semidefinite program, which can be used to approximate many hard discrete problems. However, solving it is still challenging and that’s what I am working on.


2.) What made you decide to study Mathematics?

It was just the way things turned out.


3.) What do you like so much about Mathematics?

The clear and concise language. Also, I like the fact that you work on something and you think about it over and over again, try things out in several ways, and suddenly you get the idea or understand it; and then everything seems to become clear, and it’s done.


4.) How does Mathematics influence our lives on a daily basis?

Mathematics influences our life to the extent that many things in our modern world would not exist without it. For example, without mathematics, our mobile phones wouldn’t work.


5.) Have you experienced a special Mathematics moment?

Not that I‘m aware of 😉


6.) What advice would you give future mathematicians to help them on their way?

Be patient and increase your tolerance for frustration.