Vortrag: Sara Cohen Shabot „Obstetric Violence – A Perspective from Feminist Philosophy“

Einladung zum Vortrag

„Obstetric Violence – A Perspective from Feminist Philosophy“

von Sara Cohen Shabot (Universität Haifa) am Mittwoch, den 10. Mai 2023, um 18.00 Uhr, im N.1.71



Obstetric violence – violence against women giving birth in medicalized settings – has been widely recognized as a phenomenon affecting numerous women globally and systematically, and as one that is in urgend need to be tackled and solved. Obstetric violence is not mere medical violence but constitutes structural gender violence. In her research, Sara Cohen Shabot has dealt with different aspects of the phenomenon from the perspective of feminist philosophy, maily feminist phenomenology and epistemology. In this talk, she will discuss some of her insights on the subject and her current research. 

Zur Person

Sara Cohen Shabot is Associate Professor at the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, the University of Haifa. She specializes in phenomenology, feminist philosophy, and philosophies of the body. Her present research and publications adress feminist philosophical perspectives on childbirth and the maternal embodied subject. Lately, her research has focused on the phenomenon of obstetric violence as gender violence – and she has published several papers looking at this subject from diffferent philosophical perspectives in journals such as Human Studies, Feminist Theory, The European Journal of Women’s Studies and Hypatia.



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