E-learning against Corona: An interview with Ekanki Sharma

Ekanki Sharma, Department of Networked and Embedded Systems, talked to us about the changeover from classroom teaching to distance teaching caused by the corona virus.

How are you currently doing at home in your home office?

So far so good. I have now successfully completed my 5 weeks of home office, which includes 2 weeks of official quarantine period (not because I got infected 😛 instead I was in Milan for a research exchange in January and February) and 3 weeks of home office.

Every morning I get ready the way I usually do when I go to the office. This gives me the feeling that I am at the office and helps me to be productive until the end of the day. 😛

Nothing much has changed, just everything has been switched to the electronic platform, online meetings and discussions via skype mostly.


Which courses do you hold from home?

This semester I am holding one lab course, Smart microgrid lab, in which some experiments are dedicated to performing experiments on the training tables and others are dedicated to simulation and modeling tasks which can easily be carried out remotely.

However, performing the experiments physically on the training tables is not possible under current circumstances, so I have prepared a backup plan to keep the content interesting and understandable.

Other than holding course I am supervising Bachelor and Master thesis students and we hold meetings via skype, emails to discuss the action points to keep the progress of students in check.


How is the technical implementation done?

The university has made really good efforts in backing up the online teaching process so as to keep it as smooth as possible. I am using BigBlueButton to conduct my course.


Finally, a word…

Stay safe & healthy

Stay at home!!!