Alle News seitens der Universität Klagenfurt zu bedeutenden Menschen und Persönlichkeiten

Enhancing Qualifications and Gaining International Experience

After completing a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in International Law at Taras Shevchenko National University in Kyiv, Polina Maslova sought to broaden her horizon by enrolling in the Master’s degree programme International Management at the University of Klagenfurt. Driven by a desire to enhance her qualifications and gain international experience, she chose Austria for its excellent education system and quality of life. In Carinthia, Polina chose a programme that perfectly integrates her legal background with new business insights, advancing both her professional and personal development.

“I thought that in combination with my prior educational experience, I could become a young professional with great perspectives in the scientific and business fields,” Polina explains. Raised in a family with an academic background, Polina was inspired from a young age to pursue higher education. Her studies in Ukraine were rigorous and transformative, shaping her analytical thinking and professional aspirations. “I wanted to find a programme that would build upon my previous education and cater to my scientific and professional interests,” she emphasizes. Her decision to continue her education in Austria was understandably influenced by the situation in her home country. Polina sought to complement her education with a business-oriented degree in the European Union. Her choice of the International Management programme at the University of Klagenfurt was driven by her desire to enhance her academic credentials and gain valuable international experience. “Austria has always been an attractive destination for higher education due to its excellent system, quality of life, and opportunities,” she highlights. “I was looking for an English-taught programme that aligned with my interests and allowed me to build on my previous studies. The wide range of English-taught programmes offered me the liberty to choose the one that best matched my academic interests,” Polina says.

The University of Klagenfurt’s diverse range of English-taught programmes made it the ideal choice for Polina. The International Management study programme, in particular, stood out for its ability to merge her previous legal knowledge with new business insights, preparing her for a promising career in both scientific and business fields. “My studies have been not only academically important but also significantly contributed to my personal development. This degree is truly special because it offers valuable intercultural exchange and teaches you how to work in a multicultural environment,” she concludes. Beyond academics, Polina’s time at the University has been marked by significant personal growth. The programme‘s emphasis on intercultural exchange and working in a multicultural environment has enriched her experience. She took full advantage of the extracurricular opportunities available, engaging in activities such as Krav Maga, Zumba, and kayaking. “Austria’s predictable semester schedule allowed me to balance my studies with exploration and travel,” she notes, adding, “it was a wonderful chance to discover Austria and beyond.”

Polina’s experience at the University of Klagenfurt has been both academically rewarding and personally fulfilling. She emphasizes the strong international community at the university and the welcoming environment it provides for students from diverse backgrounds. “For those considering International Management, it’s an excellent programme if you are open-minded, creative, and eager to learn,” she advises. She also highlights that “the university’s location is perfect for nature lovers and those interested in exploring new cultures.” For prospective students, Polina offers practical advice based on her own experience: “Be open to new experiences and friendships. I’ve met incredible people here who have become dear friends. Also, start looking for accommodation early to find the best options.”

Internationaler Peter P. Chen Award für Heinrich C. Mayr

Seit 2008 verleiht die internationale Informatik-Community jährlich den Peter P. Chen Award an eine Person, die in ihrer wissenschaftlichen Karriere herausragende Beiträge im Bereich Conceptual Modeling geleistet hat. 2024 geht der Preis an Informatiker Heinrich C. Mayr.


„Man lernt nicht aus Erfolgen“

Roland Waldner ist seit Mai 2024 neuer Vorstand des Kärntner Wirtschaftsförderungs Fonds (KWF) und Absolvent des Doktoratsstudiums der Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften. Er spricht mit uns über seine neuen beruflichen Herausforderungen beim KWF, über die Relevanz von Innovation und Kreativität im Karriereweg und warum er nach Kärnten zurückkehrte, obwohl er dies nie wollte.

130 Nachwuchsforscher:innen bei der Kinderuni in Klagenfurt

Am 3. und 4. Juli 2024 besuchten wieder rund 130 Schüler:innen die Universität für die „UNI für Kinder. Kinderuniversität für Volksschulen“. Teilgenommen haben diesmal Klassen aus Feldkirchen, Landskron, St. Ulrich an der Goding, Dellach/Drautal und Globasnitz.