8. November 2019: Öffentliche Diskussion

Public Discussion | Researching War: Common Grounds for Knowledge Production in/ on Syria

Friday, 8th of November, 5 pm
C3 (Alois Wagner-Saal), Sensengasse 3, 1090 Wien

The war in Syria has resulted in the largest population exodus in recent global histo-ry. While the war continues, reconstruction efforts and debates around post-war (dis)orders are well under way. The international research project KnowWar critical-ly examines the power nexus between war, warfare, flight, humanitarian programs, (forced) repatriation, and reconstruction in Syria and its repercussions in Lebanon. Based on that, it will work out alternatives to the status quo and the way researches in conflict and war zones are conducted. Main questions are: What are alternatives? In what way are transformative research methodologies and epistemologies informed by feminist and decolonial approaches?

Kassem Sabbah, Mousawat Organisation
Rawya Mousa, Mousawat Organisation
Rabie Nasser, Syrian Center for Policy Research
Nisrin H., Gender Consultant for Women Now for Development
Lena Meari, Institute of Women’s Studies, Birzeit University
Linda Tabar, Center for Development Studies, Birzeit University
Raed Eshnaiwer, Center for Development Studies, Birzeit University
Helmut Krieger, Department of Development Studies, University of Vienna
Klaudia Wieser, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Vienna

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