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Project CapSize – Connecting Expertises

The goal of the project is to develop a modular human robot work cell, where a human can collaborate and interact with the robot in a safe and intuitive way. The system utilizes an easy to use gesture control based human robot interface, which is also used to obtain inherent safety for the person working jointly with the robot and allows for higher robot motions speed and thus better utilization. It is expected that intuitive interaction and inherent safety will increase the acceptance of robot co-workers by humans.


Direct human/robot collaboration opens up many possibilities beyond the traditional use of robots, due to the reason that cognitive abilities of humans and strengths of robot technology in terms of precision and performance can be used synergistically. This approach is becoming increasingly important for classic handling robots and opens up completely new possibilities for the use of robots in the production and service sectors.


The goal of the microelectronics in the project is to investigate and develop a cost-effective, novel perception sensor interface system, combining a variety of physical measurement principles (capacitive, ToF, etc.) to increase or improve measurement rate, range, sensitivity, accuracy and resolution for position estimation and motion tracking in a real-time human-robot working environment.


Within the project we will develop concepts for proximity perception systems in robotics, combining a variety of physical measurement principles (capacitive, ToF, etc.) in order to allow for safe and intuitive human robot collaboration and interaction. Being suitable for realization as integrated circuits this will lead to cost effective solutions for future robtic systems.

»Dieses Projekt wird aus Mitteln des EFRE Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung kofinanziert«