Klagenfurt-Stipendium Copyright aau/Supanz

The Klagenfurt Scholarship is a great way to accomplish your academic achievements

Last year Andrii Pavlin applied for the Klagenfurt scholarship and was selected for the programme. So, he moved from the Ukraine to Austria. Now he studies Game Studies and Engineering. We talk to him about his decision to attend the University of Klagenfurt and his experiences with the scholarship programme.

Why did you choose the University of Klagenfurt?

Because it has the perfect programme for me: it is taught in English, it’s about video games and there is no need to come equipped with in-depth technical knowledge, as this is taught in the programme.

Has your view of the world changed as a result of your studies?

Not entirely, because I already had a pretty European worldview, so I fit into the university environment perfectly.

You are a scholarship holder in the Klagenfurt scholarship programme. What is that like for you?

I wasn’t sure that I would get a Klagenfurt scholarship, but it was a pleasant surprise. It helps me a lot in the new environment after moving from Ukraine.

Why would you advise students to apply for the Klagenfurt scholarship?

Because it is a great way to accomplish your academic achievements. Beside this, you can meet a lot of interesting people at the gatherings of scholarship holders. Also, you can find your future workspace after meeting sponsors.

How did you feel about the application process?

Everything was clearly explained, you can find all the information you need on the university website, and if you have questions you can always ask people from the office – they are very kind and happy to help! We did the application interview online because I was still in my home country, Ukraine, at the time. That was very uncomplicated.


My greatest lecture experience was… during Winter Game Jam, when participants were tasked to create a game within 3 days and then present it.

My university is… a big and modern place, with lots of diverse and interesting people and professors. And it’s located in a really wonderful and beautiful location.

My life as a student is… not possible without on-campus lessons, because it is crucial for me to physically come to the university.

I am inspired by… many books and novels I  read in the past.

My studies in 3 words: informative, creative, communicative.