Images as Agents in Digital Public Spheres

The Institute for Cultural Analysis, Visual Culture Section, would like to invite you to the 3rd International Workshop on Visual Research for Doctoral Students. Keynote Speakers will be Robert Hariman (Northwestern University Evanston) and Yvonne Volkart (Academy of Art and Design FHNW Basel). For further information and registration visit this Website

Preliminary schedule

27.06.2019, Stiftungssaal | Room O.0.01

13:00-13:45    Coffee/Registration

13:45-14:00    Welcome of the Dean of the Faculty (Alexander Onysko)

Introduction (Anna Schober-de Graaf)

14:00-15:00    Keynote: Photography, Form, and What Matters, Robert Hariman

15:00-15:15    Coffee Break

15:15-16:15    Slot 1: Visual activism / Political image making

(Xénia Farkas, Sugandha Seghal, Ragıp Zık)

16:15-17:00    Comments and Discussion

(Gary Bratchford, Yvonne Volkart)

17:00-17:15    Coffee Break

17:15-18:15    Slot 2: Hyperimage / Hyper-Screen

(Bérangère Amblard, Isabel Hartwig, Gerrit Höfferer)

18:15-19:00    Comments and Discussion

(Sebastian Mühl, Marc Ries)



28.06.2019, Stiftungssaal | Room O.0.01

08:45-09:00    Coffee

09:00-10:00    Slot 3: Image technologies / Pictures as Witnesses

(Erec Gellautz, Ioan-Daniel Mihalcea, Lisa Stuckey)

10:00-10:45    Comments and Discussion

(Roswitha Breckner, Robert Hariman)

10:45-11:00    Coffee Break

11:00-12:00     Keynote: For an Ecology of Care beyond the Wasteocene, Yvonne Volkart

12:00-13:00    Lunch

13:00-14:00    Slot 4: Historiographies / Archival practices

(Faime Alpagu, Margherita Foresti, Sapir Huberman)

14:00-14:45    Comments and Discussion

(Marc Ries, Anna Schober-de Graaf)

14:45-15:00    Coffee Break

15:00-16:00    Slot 5: Visual media and Society/ Questions of Ethics

(Orsolya Bajusz, Stefanie Bauer, Cezara Nicola)

16:00-16:45    Comments and Discussion

(Roswitha Breckner, Yvonne Volkart)

16:45-17:00    Closing remarks (Anna Schober-de Graaf)



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