Einladung zum Gastvortrag von Nicholas Bowman am 17.04.2018

Im Namen von Katrin Döveling (Institut für Medien- und Kommunikationswissenschaft) darf ich Sie recht herzlich zu folgendem Gastvortrag einladen:

Assoc. Prof. Nicholas Bowman (West Virginia University)

Video Games as a Demanding Player-Program Dialogue
am Dienstag, 17. April 2018,
von 17-19 Uhr,
im V.1.04 (Vorstufengebäude)

Abstract: From the first digital games of the 1960s to the multisensory interactions of today, video games have represented the pinnacle of human-computer interactions—a medium that is able to listen to the input of its operator and adjust with an array of interesting decisions. As players engage in those decisions, they jointly and individually influence the form and content of what is eventually displayed on-screen. This requirement of co-creation between the player and the program is what makes video games among the most culturally, economically, and socially successful media. At the same time, co-creation can be a demanding process, as it requires engagement of the player’s cognitive, emotional, physical, and even social resources. This presentation will explore these four different demands and discuss their implications for how we understand the motivations and effects of video game play.

Short Bio: Nicholas David “Nick” Bowman (Ph.D., Michigan State University) is Associate Professor of Communication Studies at West Virginia University, where he also founded and directs the Interaction Lab (#ixlab). His research focuses on the cognitive, emotional, physical, and social demands of interactive media, with a specific focus on video games and social media. Along with colleagues, he has published more than 100 academic manuscripts and book chapters, and presented more than 150 papers at various regional, national, and international conferences. He has edited two volumes, including Video Games: A Medium That Demands Our Attention (Routledge, 2018) and Fantasy Sports and the Changing Sports Media Industry (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016), and coauthored the communication technology textbook Introduction to Mediated Communication: Social Media and Beyond (2nd Edition, Kendall-Hunt). He is an editor of the Journal of Media Psychology and Communication Research Reports, and a frequent contributor to news media outlets, including BBC World Service, Christian Science Monitor, and others through his work with The Conversation news service.

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