Bitmovin takes on the second classroom sponsorship at the University of Klagenfurt

Bitmovin will be sponsoring a classroom in the area of Computer Science for the next five years, starting in June 2021, and thus continuing the long-standing successful cooperation with the University of Klagenfurt. Going forward, the classroom in the South Wing will bear the name ‘Bitmovin’.

Rector Oliver Vitouch is delighted about the long-standing partnership: “Bitmovin is linked to the university in many ways, most recently through the establishment of the Christian Doppler Laboratory ATHENA. The sponsorship of the seminar room is a testament to Bitmovin’s deep commitment to “their” university, but also to the high quality of our technical degree programmes, in which global cutting-edge technology companies can place their trust.“

The company, which operates on a global scale and maintains sites on three continents today, originally began its operations in Klagenfurt. Bitmovin was founded in 2013 as a spin-off of the University of Klagenfurt. The three founders (Stefan Lederer, currently CEO, Christopher Müller, currently CTO, and Christian Timmerer) first collaborated on the development of the MPEG-DASH-Video-Streaming-Standard during their time at the University of Klagenfurt. This standard is currently used by YouTube, Netflix, ORF-TVThek, Flimmit and many more besides. Together with the Christian Doppler Research Association, Bitmovin manages the Christian Doppler Laboratory ATHENA at the University of Klagenfurt. The aim is to develop new technologies that will further improve the video streaming experience in the future, for example by providing smooth image quality. Bitmovin has also specialised in further refining the standards for measuring perceptual quality.

Stefan Lederer

Stefan Lederer, co-founder and CEO of Bitmovin, welcomes the opportunity to continue the cooperation with the university: “The University of Klagenfurt has contributed significantly to the success of Bitmovin. We started our company here, we enjoy access to some of the best talent and we continue to collaborate on research into the future of video streaming. It was thanks to this expertise and talent that we ultimately won an Emmy Award for innovation in the field of online TV.”

By means of the sponsorship campaign, the University of Klagenfurt can offer its cooperation partners, and in this case specifically its graduates, the opportunity to position themselves “right among the students”: directly on campus and on the website. The campaign contributes to connecting companies and students. At the same time, the sponsors contribute to ensuring that the University of Klagenfurt can offer its students an ideal learning and research environment.

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