Marcel Bricman of Alturos Destinations in our interview about the University of Klagenfurt Technology Scholarships 

Alturos Destinations, a software company in Klagenfurt, is a sponsor of the University of Klagenfurt Technology Scholarships. We talked to Marcel Bricman about the Technology Scholarship, the role as a sponsor and the #alturosfamily.

Can you briefly introduce your company to us?

Alturos Destinations is a software company specialized in the field of alpine tourism. Our products with the brands Skiline, Peaksolution, EMMA and JAMES include software and hardware solutions for entertainment, e-commerce and communication. Our vision is to offer regions „Destination OS“, a total solution for all aspects of their guests‘ vacations. This especially includes planning, purchasing, consumption and reliving. The goal is to increase guest satisfaction and added value of a region by giving it powerful tools to manage its own success.


What is your position in the company?

I am the  Chief Technical Officer and responsible for approximately 60 employees in software development, driving Alturos‘ technological vision and leading our development department in its implementation.


Can you share your experience as an internship provider in the University of Klagenfurt Technology Scholarships programme? What are the benefits of participating in the scholarship programme for your company?

As one of the largest employers of software developers in Carinthia and with a constantly growing demand for good employees, we are constantly looking for new recruiting opportunities. On the other hand, we want to encourage students to focus on tasks that are relevant to our daily work. We have therefore gladly taken the opportunity to sponsor an internship as part of the „University of Klagenfurt Technology Scholarship“. The candidate Adnan Brdanin already impressed during the speed-dating meeting of the Technology Scholarships with his perceptiveness and his interest and knowledge in many areas in which our company is also active. I was also able to observe this readily available basis for discussion with other candidates at this event. This uncomplicated way of entering into dialogue with young talent is an extraordinary opportunity for Alturos and I hope that this mode will be revived after the Covid restrictions. It was easy to find a project that also offered interesting perspectives for Adnan. During his internship he steadily established himself as a reliable and helpful colleague within this team and we often benefit from his views and his solution orientation. We also hope to give him some important experience for his further career and are happy that he decided to join us on a more permanent basis as part of the #alturosfamily after his internship. During the whole time we were well supported by the university and we will supervise an internship in this context again this year.