Best Paper Award RuleML+RR 2021

The paper by Haya Majid Qureshi and Wolfgang Faber “An Evaluation of Meta-reasoning over OWL 2 QL” has won the Best Paper Award in the 5th International Joint Conference on Rules and Reasoning (RuleML+RR 2021).

Studienpraktika der KELAG

Der Kelag-Konzern schreibt mehrmonatige Praxissemester aus:

  • Datenanalyse im Bereich Workforce Management (02/2022 bis 07/2022)
  • DevSecOps in der Softwareentwicklung (02/2022 bis 07/2022)
  • E-Business (02/2022 bis 08/2022)
  • E-Mobilität (02/2022 bis 07/2022)
  • Energiehandel (02/2022 bis 07/2022)
  • Glasfaser-Planung (02/2022 bis 07/2022)
  • IT-Controlling (02/2022 bis 07/2022)
  • Prozesse, Daten und Digitalisierung (02/2022 bis 07/2022)
  • Risikomanagement (04/2022 bis 06/2022 (VZ), 07/2022 bis 12/2022 (TZ))
  • Technologiemanagement im Telekommunikationsbereich (02/2022 bis 07/2022)
  • Technologietrends in der modernen IT-Welt (02/2022 bis 07/2022)


Bewerbungen bitte ausschließlich über das Online-Bewerbertool auf


Ende der Bewerbungsfrist ist der 21. November 2021!


Der Onlinebewerbung ist ein Anschreiben, ein Lebenslauf sowie der aktuelle Studienerfolgsnachweis (Transcript of Records) beizufügen!

Open Position: Postdoctoral Research in Cybersecurity

The Cybersecurity research group (, headed by Prof. Elisabeth Oswald, is a relatively new group established in Austria’s sunny south. The group currently features a diverse range of members (from France, Iran, India, and China).

Current members work on topics such as leakage profiling, advanced leakage simulators, attacks (utilizing deep learning), statistical foundations, and hardware aspects of side channels. The group receives funding from the ERC, as well as local funding, and thus offers a supportive research environment (both financially as well as from a human perspective).

The group is looking to grow by one post-doctoral researcher and is particularly keen to expand their existing coverage of topics and  seeks researchers with an interest in (any of the following areas)

  • compilers/languages to support the secure implementation of cryptographic primitives
  • machine/deep learning
  • secure implementations (in particular in the context of RISC-V)

A good candidate for this position will have a background in either computer science, maths, or statistics (an MSc level degree with above-average grades is required), will have some relevant publications in any of these subjects in international conferences or journals, enjoy working with people in an international context, and love water, sun, and mountains.

The position is available immediately, applications will be considered on a rolling basis and we will fill the vacancy as soon as a suitable candidate is identified. To apply please send a brief
motivation letter, your CV, and transcripts of records of your MSc and BSc to the contact below.

The position has funding until 31.08.2023 at € 3.945,90 per month.


Luftbild | Foto: LakesideLabs

Please contact Elisabeth [dot] Oswald [at] aau [dot] at for informal enquiries and to submit your application.

Workshop zu „Epistemic Extensions of Logic Programming“ in Cruces, New Mexico

Die Forschungsgruppe Semantic Systems veranstaltet am 20. September 2019 im Rahmen der International Conference on Logic Programming (ICLP) in Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA einen Workshop zum Thema „Epistemic Extensions of Logic Programming“ (EELP Workshop 2019).