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Public Policy Horizons and Phenomenology of Motivated Possibility

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Broadly construed, anticipation can be understood as a mode of futural orientation; it is a given set of norms that presents possibilities, which bears on the present with some degree of certainty and calls for some response. In this talk, I will explore how public policy anticipations are co-constitutive of individuals’ experiential outlooks on their futures-linking together different kinds of anticipation across lived experience and political structures. Rarely are these two perspectives integrated in practical terms, despite the fact that affective attunement is key to the meaningful translation of policy-particularly in addressing inequalities. I will especially address the under-appreciated phenomenological concept of ‘motivated possibility’ to articulate these links.

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Jessie Stanier

Jessica Stanier is a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol). She situates her work within critical and engaged phenomenology, also spanning age studies and medical humanities. Her research has been published open access in the Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology (JBSP), Puncta: Journal of Critical Phenomenology, Frontiers in Pain Research, the Patient Experience Journal (PXJ), and book chapters. She is interested in pursuing phenomenological research that is accessible, collaborative, and experience-led from the outset. Jessie chairs the BSP’s annual international symposium and passed her PhD viva in January.


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