Dynatrace Austria takes on the first classroom sponsorship at the University of Klagenfurt

Starting in April 2021, Dynatrace will sponsor a classroom in the area of Computer Science for a period of five years, thus sending a strong signal in the ongoing partnership with the University of Klagenfurt. From now on, the classroom in the South Wing will bear the name ‘Dynatrace.’

By introducing the new sponsorship campaign, the University of Klagenfurt can offer its cooperation partners, and in this case specifically its graduates, the opportunity to position themselves “right among the students”: directly on campus and on the website. The campaign contributes to connecting companies and students. At the same time, the sponsors contribute to ensuring that the University of Klagenfurt can offer its students an ideal learning and research environment.

“In Dynatrace we have found an ideal first partner for the newly launched lecture hall and classroom sponsorships. These sponsorships are reserved exclusively for companies founded by graduates of the University of Klagenfurt or companies in which graduates are serving board members. As a result, we are able to highlight the remarkable successes of our alumni – and inspire others to emulate them!”

The software company Dynatrace was founded in Linz in 2005 and specialises in software intelligence. The company is based near Boston in Waltham/Massachusetts in the United States of America. The technological and creative core of Dynatrace’s software development lies in Austria: Linz serves as the company’s global R&D headquarters, with additional software development sites in Hagenberg, Graz, Klagenfurt, Vienna, Barcelona, Gdansk and Detroit. A total of around 2,800 people work for Dynatrace worldwide, including around 700 in Austria. In September 2017, the new Software Development Lab was opened in Lakeside Park, immediately adjoining the University of Klagenfurt.

Portraitfoto von Thomas Grassauer im Dynatrace Lab Klagenfurt

“We have a deep regard for the excellent quality of education at the University of Klagenfurt. For us, this close cooperation also represents a return to our roots: The Dynatrace team in Klagenfurt includes numerous alumni – including myself. We have first-hand knowledge of the excellent quality of the education provided here”.

As a sponsor, Dynatrace supports Klagenfurt University in many different ways, e.g. through the Klagenfurt Scholarship and Technology Scholarship programmes. At present, a call is also open for the submission of excellent Bachelor’s and Master’s theses. The Dynatrace awards for the best Bachelor’s and Master’s theses in the area of IT are aimed at students and graduates of the University of Klagenfurt. This is the inaugural year for these awards, which will be presented annually from now on. Engineering students at the University of Klagenfurt with a specialisation in software development can submit their final theses until the end of April. These will be judged by an in-house jury of experts and will receive a total of € 1,300 in awards.